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��‍♀️ Discover Harmony in 7 Minutes: Beginner-Friendly Asana Routine

Namaste! ��

Whether you are just starting your yoga journey or looking for a quick routine, this 7-minute asana sequence is tailored especially for beginners like you. Remember, yoga is not just about physical wellness but also about mental and emotional balance. Wherever you are in your practice is perfect.

��️ Quick Overview:

1. Neck Rolls: Release tension in the neck and shoulders, improve blood circulation, and invoke a sense of relaxation.

2. Konasana 1: Stretch the sides of your body, enhance posture and flexibility, and promote spinal health.

3. Hastapadasana: Forward-bending pose to stretch the entire back, strengthen abdominal muscles, relieve stress, and improve digestion.

4. Vajrasana: Sit comfortably after a meal, aid digestion, and induce a meditative state for calmness.

5. Supta Vakrasana: Lie on your back, improve spinal mobility, release tension in the lower back, and stimulate the lymphatic system for detoxification.

6. Dhradhasana: Conclude the routine with a relaxation pose, normalize blood pressure, stabilize pulse rate and respiratory cycle, and reduce anxiety with a meditative effect.

��‍♂️ Benefits:
Each pose in this routine brings unique benefits for both body and mind. From flexibility to stress reduction, improved posture, and overall well-being, these practices can become an integral part of your daily routine.

��‍♂️ Practice Tips:
Include these asanas in your daily routine and seek guidance from an experienced teacher to ensure correct execution. With consistent practice, you are experience increased flexibility, reduced stress, enhanced posture, and overall good health.

Embrace this journey towards balance and well-being.
Namaskar! ��

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