Women’s Health Yoga Routine: Glow-Ying (open level)

This routine balances the Ying and Yang flow in the body, restoring women’s hormonal balance and stimulating the first and second chakras to zest out female procreative and nurturing juices. A series of Qi-enhancing standing breathing and asana opens up the spine and brings buoyancy to the hips. Infinity loop pelvic swirls, twine the arms in a glowing serpent around the spinal column and activates DNA codes by balancing the flow of receptive and creative forces. The flow resembles a shimmering string of light pulled from the center of the Earth and the Zenith of the Sun, snaking through forward and back bends; Shakti charged standing poses; mild inversions and seated twists, semi-kneeling and reclining hips and shoulder openers – all augmented with ritual mudra to reset the hormones and even out the downward and upward flow. A back-bending cascade of poses refuels the heart, followed by a devotional hip-opening inversion to signal the divine feminine call through the ages and dimensions. An inspiring relaxation guides you into tuning to the procreative forces and leaves you happy and “glow-Ying”.

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