No Big Deal, Just Zendaya Back With More Cute Things To Say About Tom Holland On The Dune 2 Press Tour

Zendaya’s relationship with her Spider-Man co-star Tom Holland continues to be adorable. Ever since the two started attending events as an official couple in 2021, all eyes have been on the pair’s every move whether it’s their cute interactions on social media or when they’re linked arm-and-arm at publicized events. At the Dune 2 press tour, the Emmy winner felt the need to add in a cute anecdote about her boyfriend. And I can’t help but gush.

The latest Dune press tour had Zendaya and the rest of the Dune 2 cast talk about fun moments making the movie like sand walking and who’s the most competitive person. But the highlight of this IVG Presents interview shown in a TikTok was when the Euphoria actress said something incredibly cute about her boyfriend Tom Holland. Let’s hear what she had to say and try not to cry:

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Aww, she’d bring her Peter Parker back home with her! It’s very sweet to hear her say something adorable about Tom Holland considering the two tend to keep their relationship very low-key. It’s understandable as these two screen gems have been bankable stars in their projects. it’s natural for the press to want to know their every move. That’s why the Uncharted star expressed how important it was for his love life to be private as fame has a tendency to rob your personal life. At the same time, it doesn’t mean they hide their feelings about each other from the world either.

When the Challengers actress was playing with puppies during her Buzzfeed Celeb interview a few days ago, she said something incredibly sweet about Tom Holland there too about the last person she meme’d. You can get what her answer would be:

Probably Tom. Yeah, he gets the most of it.

The funny thing about that is the British actor said in his own Buzzfeed Celeb interview that Zendaya was his answer to the same question. In his case, though, Tom Holland said he’d get “hundreds, and hundreds and hundreds of things from her” in between social media pauses. It can be a very addicting habit to send Instagram reels and posts to your friends when your feed sends you so much engaging content you can’t ignore. But it’s a great way to make people smile and laugh together.

Holland has been a loyal boyfriend to Zendaya while she’s been doing work for Dune 2. He’d visit her on set and also attended the afterparty of the epic space movie. Early this month, an insider made claims of how the couple is doing right now saying the pair have allegedly moved in together. They apparently see this as the next step in their relationship with no pressure to get married just yet. It’s a good sign that Holland and Zendaya are taking things slow. 

However, The Crowded Room actor has called his relationship with his girlfriend “sacred” and wants a family someday. So it’s nice that while his love life isn’t headed in the direction of marriage yet, he’s still thinking of settling down with a family someday.

Zendaya and Tom Holland truly are quite the pair as the former Disney Channel star said she’d like to bring her British boyfriend back to the States with her. I’m truly happy for the two and can’t wait to see what their future together has in store for them. You can see their natural chemistry together in Spider-Man: Homecoming and Spider-Man: Far From Home on your Disney+ subscription. Make sure to get your tickets for the 2024 movie release of Dune 2 in theaters now.

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