‘That Was The Beginning Of Everything For Me’: Kate Hudson On Getting Her Big Break In Almost Famous And How Her Career Is Now Coming Full Circle

Kate Hudson has made her bones on rom-coms throughout most of her career, yet she’s now entering a new chapter: music. The Oscar nominee recently released her first album and celebrated at the album release party, where she rocked a sheer black dress. This may be a surprise to those only familiar with her romantic comedies, but Hudson fans know that this was a long time coming considering her big screen debut as part of the Almost Famous cast. Now, the Bride Wars star is opening up about how her career beginnings being tied to that film as well as the full circle moment she’s having right now. 

The 45-year-old star recently chatted with People and talked about her longtime desire to delve into the music business and what this means for the second act of her career. She also reflected on her early Almost Famous days and how they played such a major role in her life. The Cameron Crowe-directed film is full of great songs and was a huge entry into different music catalogs for Hudson. She reflected on the movie as a learning experience in more ways than one, saying: 

I think [he] connected with the fact that I loved music and saw that in me, but he really blew the lid open for so much music for me. I was 19, and he just filled me with all this great music that I’d never heard. That was the beginning of everything for me.

Almost Famous is one of the best music movies ever and was a great starting point for the Marshall alum, who was seeking a music education. However, the movie played an even bigger role in her life than just a musical influence. The actress was nominated for an Oscar for her performance, and that opened doors for her tremendously. She soon became one of Hollywood’s most bankable actresses, with some of her most notable roles being in How To Lose A Guy In 10 Days, You, Me and Dupree, and most recently, Glass Onion. Needless to say the 2000 period piece made her a star and, now, the music influence is helping her evolve as a musician. 

Fans of the classic film seem ecstatic about Kate Hudson’s move into music and feel like it’s a natural next step for the actress. She has already sung with rockstars like John Mayer and Seal on stage, so it was about time she channeled some of that energy into her own tunes. The 45-year-old has been elated by the fan support and how much they’re connecting her musicianship with her Penny Lane character. She said of the full-circle nature of the situation:

I do see everybody’s response on Instagram, and there were a couple of things on there that just cracked me up. People are so funny. Somebody said something like, ‘It was Penny Lane the whole time.’ I was like, ‘Oh, that’s so funny.’ It makes me happy that people connect to that and then are enjoying that I’m making music. That’s so nice.

I love that Kate Hudson still connects with Almost Famous the same way fans have. It’s a modern classic and remains one of the actress’ best films to date. Inspiration comes from everywhere, and you can totally see how some of the ’70’s tunes from the movie influenced Hudson’s debut album. Of course, she hasn’t stepped away from acting, and will be starring in the upcoming Max Minghella-directed film Shell. But this music venture is an exciting new facet of Hudson’s already impressive career, and I think Penny Lane would be very proud. 

You can check out Kate Hudson’s debut album, Glorious, which is streaming now on music platforms like Spotify and Apple Music. Fans can also revisit her tremendous performance in Almost Famous, which is now streaming for Paramount+ subscribers

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