Glen Powell Compared His Relationship With Sydney Sweeney To Julia Roberts And George Clooney, And It Makes So Much Sense

It only took one movie for audiences to fall in love with Glen Powell and Sydney Sweeney‘s chemistry. The box-office success Anyone But You is about two exes who reunite at a destination wedding only to pretend to be a couple for their own separate reasons. The Twisters actor feels his working chemistry with Sweeney works so well that he compares the two of them to Julia Roberts and George Clooney which makes a lot of sense.

We’ve seen a lot of rom-com partners light up the screen with their cute banter and steamy kiss scenes. Glen Powell told Sunday Today that he and Sydney Sweeney work so well together that they could be the next Julia Roberts and George Clooney! Check out his reasoning below and you’ll see for yourself how much it makes sense:

It’s like Julia (Roberts) and George (Clooney), you know? Matthew (McConaughey) and Kate (Hudson). These people that worked together over and over and over again. It’s when you find somebody that you have a great creative partnership with and somebody you can really trust and somebody that treats the crew well and her costars well. And that you really see the vision for the movie and she’s such a smart businesswoman. You want to keep doing that. There’s no reason to do it any other way.

It’s true that if you have a good thing going with your co-star, you don’t want that successful partnership to stop. After all, George Clooney and Julia Roberts had great chemistry in the Oceans movies and reunited for Confessions of a Dangerous Mind and Money Monster. But, the reunion we were all excited for was when they re-teamed for Ticket to Paradise in 2022, which was a rom-com first in years for the two of them. Clearly, everyone wanted some Clooney/Roberts fun as their rom-com made $168.6 million, hitting a box office milestone that put all five productions they’ve done together at a total of $1.007 billion.

Glen Powell and Sydney Sweeney had similar luck with their movie, as Anyone But You racked up more than $100 million at the box office. Of course, one thing that brought a lot of attention to their project was dating rumors between the two after Powell’s girlfriend Gigi Paris reportedly unfollowed the Euphoria actress on social media with fans speculating it was because of their cute on-set photos together. It didn’t help matters when the pair broke up not long after and a photo surfaced of Sweeney’s fiancé leaving the house with bags.

However, those rumors have since been debunked, with the internet twisting every post and picture it sees into something it’s not. The Top Gun: Maverick actor actually revealed he and his rom-com female lead leaned into those affair rumors for the purpose of bringing more attention to their movie. You can’t say that it didn’t work.

While speaking on Sunday Today, Glen Powell admitted some very exciting news that he jokingly admitted his agent wouldn’t be happy saying: he and Sydney Sweeney are reading scripts in the direction of planning their next movie together. They’ve said previously that they’re reading everything handed to them with the goal of making sure what they pick is something that will resonate with audiences. I think we have this generation’s new rom-com dream team forming here!

As Glen Powell said, he and Sydney Sweeney could be on the verge of being the next George Clooney and Julia Roberts. It makes so much sense as their on-screen chemistry is box office gold and a chance to deliver to audiences a rom-com they’ll enjoy. Anyone But You is available to watch with your Netflix subscription.

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