As JLo And Ben Affleck Rumors Swirl, The Pair Appear With Wedding Rings And Update Social Media

For as long as there have been famous people, celebrity couples have fascinated the public. While there’s non-stop chatter about Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce, another hot couple is also Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck, whose reunion and marriage shocked fans. And after rumors swirled that they might be breaking up, the pair were photographed wearing wedding rings, in addition to posting on social media. Let’s break it all down.

Bennifer is no doubt used to public attention, as their original relationship was picked apart by the media and fans. Lopez and Affleck have been dealing with hate about their relationship since getting back together, although the claims that they may be heading to splitsville are on another level. Amid that chatter E News is reporting that both A-listers were photographed wearing their wedding rings. So perhaps those rumors aren’t true, or maybe they’re just trying to get the online chatter to quiet down.

Specifically, Affleck was photographed driving, with his ring finger clearly visible as it was hanging outside his window. As for JLo, she reportedly wore her ring while arriving at a dance studio for rehearsal. Speaking of which, Lopez posted on Instagram in the wake of the drama, confirming she was back in rehearsals. Check it out below:

There you have it. Whether or not there’s any drama going on between Lopez and Affleck is unclear, but it seems like they’re continuing to live their lives and respective careers. We’ll just have to wait and see what comes next for the couple, and if this chatter online actually amounts to anything.

While we don’t know what’s going on behind closed doors, I have to assume that Bennifer is used to this type of speculation about their relationship. It seems like every thing they do together gets attention online, like when Affleck looked miserable at the Grammys. Fans are so invested that lip readers have even tried to discern what Lopez said to Affleck on a number of occasions. 

Of course, there’s evidence that things are just fine between the celebrity couples. Affleck recently appeared in This Is Me… Now in a wild cameo. What’s more, Lopez shared that Affleck helped her get that movie’s story and visual together. As a reminder, you can watch that project with an Amazon Prime subscription

It should be fascinating to see what comes next for Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck, both as individuals and as a pair. Despite the rumors about a possible break-up, the pair have spent the last few years blending their families, including buying a new mansion that can fit the whole lot. 

Both Affleck and Lopez have a number of projects on the way, with the latter A-lister releasing a new Netflix movie Atlas shortly. In the meantime, check the 2024 movie release dates

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