I would be happy with transferring WoTLK Gold or quitting the game at this point. But I would be most happy if they didn’t screw up the population in the first place. Part of the server community that existed in classic came about because the servers were small enough that it was easy to know everyone. I think the increased population has made wpvp that much worse on pvp servers and has hurt communities. The change in capacity was a reactionary change in response to the terrible preparation Blizzard had on launch day and unlike layering this change will not be phased out. It seems like nothing other than solving the immediate problem was taken into account before making such a drastic change.

I was a hunter when I played Vanilla but I have settled on a HotW Drood main for Classic. I am a casual, no interest in raiding. I like pvp, BG’s specifically. Considering a push to R10 for the gear (did this in Vanilla on my hunter) but we’ll see if wife aggro is too strong. Also like dinking around in dugeons and of course solo and farming.

I like that Droods can DPS, tank, and heal (again, I am not a raider). Looking forward to tanking and healing in AV, running the flag in WSG, and guarding nodes in AB, plus other BG adventures. And being able to do any role in dungeons is really appealing.

Am currently conflicted between a couple builds; 14/32/5 and 1/29/21. Would love feedback on playstyle differences from experienced Vanilla Droods.

Druid is a super-fun class. This guy was my main all through Vanilla. As to the two specs you are thinking about, they both have their advantages and disadvantages.

What we're left with is a firm with a relatively clean and responsible image, buying a company with none of that, and at the cost of a price hit by scandals of recent, with the implied market expectation being that the parent can help in resolving issues. It's in Microsoft's own financial interest to get its house in order and reform Activision's tattered image in addition to buy WoTLK Gold the fact that it's just the right, ethical thing to do.