Who does this policy apply to?

This Policy applies to all users of Patabook.com.


Policy Statement

Socialflic.com affirm its commitment to the fundamental rights of
freedom of speech and expression so far as that is reasonably practical within the realms of the law. Socialflic.com has a duty to maintain safety and good order on its website and to ensure that the articulation of beliefs, points of view and opinion do not lead to the commission of an offence or otherwise constitute incitement to riot or
incitement to discrimination of any of the protected characteristics1 as defined under the
Equality Act 2010.

Patabook.com will ensure the use of our website is not denied on grounds connected
with the beliefs, views, policies or objectives of an individual or body of individuals, as long as such use is at all times within the law. 

All persons to whom this Policy applies are required to observe the principle of freedom of speech and expression while utilizing our services and shall show respect and tolerance towards the expression of views, opinions and beliefs of others, even though those views, opinions or beliefs may run contrary to their own personal views, opinions or beliefs.

This policy takes account of the following legislation:

  • Equality Act 2010

The protected characteristics are: age; disability; gender reassignment; marriage and civil partnership; pregnancy and maternity; race; religion or belief; sex; sexual orientation. 


Controversial and offensive posters, notices, banners and literature

Patabook.com has the right to take such steps as it considers necessary, including removing any notices, banners or other literature, that in the opinion of the Socialflic.com go beyond the mere expression of points of view and opinion upheld by this policy, or are otherwise unlawful. 

Any breach of this Policy may result in your account being termainted.

If any actions involve breaches of the criminal or civil law, Patabook.com will assist the prosecuting authorities as appropriate.