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6 Mouthwatering Chicken Recipes to Spice Up Your Weeknight Meals

1) Tuscan Chicken. Cooked with a creamy garlic sauce with sundried tomatoes. I’m yet to find a chicken lover who didn’t go crazy for this recipe. It’s relatively simple to make using regular ingredients, and it’s also a complete meal. Made with spinach, sundried tomatoes, cannellini beans in a delicious creamy sauce, in 30 minutes, wow!
It’s not authentic to Tuscany, this is my version, but it does contain many of the delightful Tuscan ingredients we all love. This recipe uses chicken breasts, you can however use chicken thighs if that’s your preference. If using breasts, you want them to be juicy and not dry. To achieve this, don’t over cook them in the pan, simply brown each side on high heat. When you touch them, they should still feel soft inside. Transfer to the oven and finish cooking at a low temperature. As soon as they become just firm to the touch, they are ready. If your sauce isn’t quite ready, take them out anyway. You will reheat them in the sauce. Some pieces will be thicker than others, so take that into consideration.
Enjoy my version of Tuscan chicken

2) The Best Chicken Francaise Recipe. Chicken Francese, also known as “Egg-Dipped Chicken Breast in Tangy Buttery Sauce,” is a popular and delicious recipe that has been viewed by over 200 million people. This simple recipe requires basic ingredients and produces an out-of-this-world taste, making it a perfect dish for any fine dining experience. The recipe is easy to make at home, but it is recommended to use good quality ingredients such as authentic Parmigiano-Reggiano, flat leaf parsley, and a wine of your preference. A homemade stock is also preferred. Chicken Francese pairs well with rich and dry white wines such as Sauvignon Blanc or Chardonnay, or light red wines like Gamay or Pinot Noir.

3) Chicken Parmesan Next Level. Crispy herb Parmesan Coating with oozing melted cheese on top! One of the best chicken Parmesan recipes you will taste. The chicken is crispy on the outside with a herb Parmesan crust and it’s juicy in the middle. It has a buttery flavour and topped with freshly creamy mozzarella cheese, it’s hard to beat. The sauce is made from scratch and fresh tomato pieces are added for freshness. Chicken Parmesan is also known as Parmigiana. Enjoy my next level chicken Parmesan.

4) Spicy Garlic Fried Chicken. Crispy Asian chicken in a sweet and sour sauce. If you love Asian food and fried crispy chicken then you’re on the right page! A sweet and sour spicy fried chicken that will send your palate to heaven. There’s a few steps involved but it’s relatively easy to make, the extra effort is well worth it. There’s never enough so maybe double the amount.

5) Garlic and Oregano Chicken. In a mushroom and cream sauce.
Do you like garlic, cream and mushrooms? Then this is for you!
An incredibly tasty chicken meal made under 30 minutes using few basic ingredients.
The chicken is coated in smoked paprika then sautéed until brown. The sauce is of course the hero of this dish, creamy with garlic and oregano.
Use a home made chicken stock if you can, otherwise stock cubes will still do the trick. You can use your favourite mushrooms or even a variety for extra deliciousness. Use a good quality heavy or thickened cream for a rich tasty result. Enjoy Garlic and oregano chicken in mushroom cream sauce.

6) Roasted tarragon chicken with rich onion and garlic gravy!
Bring the humble roast to a whole new level. This roasted chicken recipe will amaze you with its rich gravy. The tarragon herbs compliment the chicken bringing this dish to a whole new level. the butter shallot mixture keeps the breasts juicy adding a wine and tarragon herb flavour. It’s relatively easy to make, and worthy of a fine dining restaurant. Now you can easily make this at home. Enjoy this roasted chicken tarragon with an amazingly rich onion and garlic gravy.

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