Pants. Trousers. Slacks. Leg sheaths.

Call them what you will, but don’t ever underestimate their place in the sartorial food chain—those things you wear on your lower extremities can make or break an outfit. And although there’s a time and a place for jeans, athleisure gear, chinos, 5-pocket pants, and even cargo pants, this isn’t either. Because today, friends, is all about the best trousers for men. The kind you can dress up, specifically.

Now, that doesn’t necessarily mean stodgy and traditional. Some of these trousers are in the elevated-resort-wear camp. Some are casual but will be perfectly at home in the office. Regardless of their niche, though, I’m confident that your legs will find their soulmate somewhere down there.

Which is a sentence I didn’t think I’d be typing when I woke up this morning, but here we are.

Key Takeaways 

To find the best men’s trousers, I began by researching dozens of pairs and their materials, construction, customer reviews, photos, and more. The resulting eight are the best of the best across a range of categories from elevated yet comfortable resort-wear to traditional office fare. My top overall pick is Sid Mashburn’s ever-versatile Dress Trouser, followed closely by the wallet-friendly Coofandy Classic Chino.

Our Top Picks

man in a cashmere polo shirt and linen drawstring pants
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Sid Mashburn Dress Trouser: best trousers for men

Why they’re great: That’s it. You’re done. You’ve left no stone unturned in your search for the best men’s trousers in all the land. And now, at long last, here you are in the presence of Sid Mashburn’s oh-so-aptly named Dress Trouser. You’re working with 17 colors and various fabrics like high-twist wool, twill, and wool hopsack. These flat-front dress trousers are versatile, handsome, and made to last.

Who are these for? You could just as easily stock up on a curated selection of these trousers for a lifetime’s worth of elevated escapades as you could cherry-pick some core colors for work or special occasions. Put another way, it’s the Swiss Army Knife of pants.

Flaws but not deal-breakers: Sid Mashburn’s Dress Trouser features a slim cut that may not be the best look or feel for bigger guys.

Sizes: 32–44 | Material: Various | Colors: 17 | Care: Dry Clean

Billy Reid Twill Flat Front Trouser

Why they’re great: Billy Reid’s eponymous, Alabama-based brand has been gracing the masses with flawless menswear since 1998. Perfectly exemplifying its elevated slant on timeless pieces is the Billy Reid Twill Flat Front Trouser. Sturdily constructed of chambray-like cotton-linen twill, these trousers have a comfort level that is off the charts.

Who are these for? The Twill Flat Front Trouser is approachably priced and suitable for any occasion, landing it firmly in the sweet spot for most guys.

Flaws but not deal-breakers: Although Reid’s flat-front men’s trousers are available in a variety of other materials and colors, the twill pant is available only in navy. Although this is a perfect neutral color, the twill pant is the only option on my list with only one colorway available.

Sizes: 28–40 | Material: 50% Linen, 50% Cotton | Colors: 1 | Care: Dry Clean

L’Estrange Tropical Wool 24 Trouser

Why they’re great: You. Yes, you. The guy reading the part of this article about L’Estrange’s Tropical Wool 24 Trouser. Don’t ever discount the untold powers of a motherf**king pleat. That was aggressive, but I’m only kind of sorry.

Because these 100% merino wool stunners are worthy of your full attention, what with their hidden elastic waistband, breathable, high-twist, crease-resistant fabric, and impossibly handsome, yes, pleats.

Who are these for? Social and professional occasions are like snowflakes—no two are alike. If you’re of this mind, then you’ll appreciate the comfort and versatility that the Wool 24 Trouser offers. It takes a deft hand to pull off both, but I believe in you.

Flaws but not deal-breakers: It may be a tough pill to swallow for some of you, but pleats = niche these days. Be the silent majority. Be the trouser-related change you wish to see in the world. Vote Pleats.

Sizes: XS–XXL | Material: 100% merino wool | Colors: 2 | Care: Machine Wash

Amazon Essentials Flat-Front Chino

Why they’re great: I see you, Amazon Essentials Flat-Front Chinos. I see your 13 colors and cotton-poly construction. I see your stylish straight leg. And yes, I see your 31,000+ 5-star Amazon reviews. This either makes me creepy, or it makes me a guy with an eye for one of the best budget-friendly, quality chinos out there. Fingers crossed for the latter.

Who are these for? Any no-frills guy who appreciates quality, style, and simplicity.

Flaws but not deal-breakers: These pants can either be too long or too tight in the waist. Some tailoring may be necessary as expected.

Sizes: 28–38 | Material: 60% Cotton, 40% Polyester | Colors: 13 | Care: Machine Wash

Coofandy Classic Chino

Why they’re great: Traditional. Classic. Smart. Get the job done. Easy on the wallet. These are but a few of the many ways to describe Coofandy’s Classic Chino. Available in six colors, these brass-tack trousers can be dressed up, down, and… yeah, those are pretty much the ways.

Who are these for? Fancy yourself a human on earth who sometimes goes places where even the finest of sweatpants won’t pass muster? Great. These are for you.

Flaws but not deal-breakers: The rayon-polyester construction of Coofandy’s Classic Chino is anything but a luxurious blend. That said, it’s more than comfortable and durable enough to justify the budget-friendly price.

Sizes: S–XXXL | Material: 70% Rayon, 30% Polyester | Colors: 6 | Care: Machine Wash

Paul Stuart Linen Drawstring Trouser

Why they’re great: Say it with me now—“luxurious” and “fancy” are not mutually exclusive adjectives. In fact, some of the most luxurious things you can wear give the middle finger to traditional garments instead of falling in line. [Steps off soapbox. Clears throat.] Exhibit A: Paul Stuart’s Linen Drawstring Trouser.

I’ve worn these devil-may-care trousers (in easy-breezy light blue) to brunches, work functions, dinners, on beach walks, on the couch… I could go on. Outfitted with a drawstring waistband, these 100% linen pants are leisure incarnate.

Who are these for? Paul Stuart’s drawstring trousers are all about you. You, the discerning gentleman who refuses to compromise. Even in the face of poolside shenanigans. Even on the laziest of Sundays.

You know what you’re wearing. You know how incomprehensibly comfortable they are. And you don’t need the sartorial approval of your adoring fans. Couldn’t hurt, though.

Flaws but not deal-breakers: Glorious though they are, Paul Stuart’s drawstring trousers are anything but a wardrobe staple. If you don’t yet have the basics covered, then you may not be ready to graduate to these guys.

Sizes: 32–42 | Material: 100% Linen | Colors: 5 | Care: Machine Wash Cold

State & Liberty Athletic Fit Stretch Suit Pants

Why they’re great: State & Liberty’s focus is on athletic-fit garments typically made of performance fabrics. Its Athletic Fit Stretch Suit Pants are every bit as stretchy, comfortable, and tailored to muscular legs as the name implies. They’re thoughtfully constructed with extra wiggle room integrated into the glute, thigh, and quad areas for maximum comfort and maximum range of motion.

Who are these for? If you’re reading this, then you probably already know how difficult it can be to find the right fit for muscular, athletic builds. Being the niche, quality-focused brand that it is, State & Liberty should be one of your first stops when it comes to nailing the fit every time.

Flaws but not deal-breakers: Although I have no doubt that you could find a solid pair of trousers here if you have an average or slim build, you’re likely still better off browsing some of the other options on this list.

Sizes: 28/28–42/36 | Material: 12% Rayon, 8% Nylon, 74% Polyester, 6% Spandex | Colors: 19 | Care: Machine Wash

Public Rec VIP Chinos

Why they’re great: Have I worn my wind- and water-resistant Public Rec VIP Chinos to the office paired with an equally comfy and stretchy Public Rec polo? Yes. Have I worn them sockless with casual white shoes and a smart t-shirt? Yes. Will I one day wear them, and nothing but them, on a tee box with a Transfusion in one hand and a driver in the other? Stay tuned for updates.

Who are these for? In a word: everyone. Straddling the line between dress trousers and athleisure gear, these chinos are some of the sneakiest pants out there (in a good way).

Flaws but not deal-breakers: Public Rec’s VIP Chinos are by no means a substitute for a proper pair of men’s dress trousers, so you’ll need one or more of those, too. That said… I won’t tell if you won’t.

Sizes: 28/28–44/36 | Material: 100% Polyester | Colors: 5 | Care: Machine Wash

man in a brown suit and chelsea boots
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Buying Considerations For The Best Trousers For Men

Size & Fit

You can have the best men’s trousers out there, but the look isn’t going to land if they don’t fit well. Too long. Too short. Too loose. Too tight. Fall victim to any combination of those fit faux pas and not only will you draw the wrong kind of attention, you’re likely going to be uncomfortable as well.

If you don’t plan on dialing the fit-in with a tailor, then take your own measurements and sync them with the size chart of the company you’re shopping from.


Most of the best men’s trousers on this list have a dressier style, but that’s far from your only option. A colorful and stylish pair of linen pants or some high-waisted jeans, for instance, can and will serve you well, provided the rest of your outfit is equally elevated and thoughtful. And as with any trousers for men, nailing the look takes confidence and leaning into your own unique sense of style.


Twill. Linen. Travel-ready pants constructed entirely of polyester. The top trousers for men don’t discriminate when it comes to what they’re made of. So, before picking up your favorite pair, don’t sleep on their material composition. Pick materials and styles that play nice with the climate you’re in, and consider when and where you’ll be wearing your pants.

man wearing the flat front twill trousers by Billy Reid
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How We Chose

As a fashion and grooming writer at FashionBeans, I compare, test, and research the products that make a gentleman a gentleman. If it can be worn, carried, or used in a way that elevates your look and feel, I’m into it.

For this review, I pored over trusted sources, customer reviews, materials, construction specifications, and my own experience to understand what makes the best trousers for men. After researching and comparing dozens of pairs, the resulting eight are what I’m calling the best of the best. Some of my key considerations include:

Comfort: Not all men’s trousers are created equal. If you live in a warm climate, then lightweight and breathable materials like linen (among many others) will be the most comfortable and region-appropriate.

Live somewhere more seasonal? Opt for wool or a heartier blend of fabrics. The material pulls a lot of weight when it comes to comfort, but only you can decide what feels right on your legs. For the purposes of this list, I made every effort to prioritize versatile, functional, comfortable trousers.

Customer Reviews: I pored over multiple product reviews in search of both positive and negative throughlines to help inform my picks for the best trousers for men.

Adaptability: When you hear the word “trousers,” what’s your knee-jerk judgment? Stodgy? Conservative? Traditional? Maybe, maybe not. Either way, keep in mind that although trousers can and should be dressed up, it’s up to you to determine what that means. From the office to cigars on the 19th hole, the top trousers for men are what you make of them.

Why Trust Us?

Kelly is a long-time writer for FashionBeans and an all-around menswear enthusiast. In addition to hours of independent research, Kelly relied heavily on his own experience to find the best trousers for men. He’s also written prolifically on the topic, covering the best men’s pants, best jeans, joggers, cargo pants, and thermal underwear, to name a few.

To substantiate that experience, he researched dozens of trousers, poring over materials, construction, customer reviews, and his own closet to pick the best of the best. If there’s a stranger to trust for pants-adjacent advice, it’s Kelly.

Final Verdict 

The best trousers for men should be comfortable, occasion-appropriate, durable, and form-flattering. Tall order? Not if you know where to look. And as fate would have it, you do. First, to my top pick of Sid Masburn’s Dress Trouser. Second—especially if budget is top of mind—to Coofandy’s Classic Chino.


    • The perfect fit for you depends on your body type and what you—subjectively, of course—find to be comfortable. That said, there are a few unwritten fit rules you should abide by. The waistband should fall around your actual waist (in other words, they shouldn’t ride low), the leg openings should allow a full range of motion without being too long or too short, and the overall fit should be deliberate and compliment your build.

      • Outside of jeans, most Americans use the catch-all term “pants” to describe the garment you wear over the length of your legs. And casual trousers are indeed often called pants, but also chinos, slacks, and any number of other styles. Trousers, specifically, have a few telltale features like belt loops, a zipper, and a waistband.

        • Depending on where you are in the world, “pants” and “trousers” are largely interchangeable words. In America—generally speaking—trousers are a dressier species with zippers, belt loops, buttons, and sometimes pleats and cuffs. Pants, on the other hand, can include anything from casual khakis and joggers to chinos and other trouser styles.

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