Aside from the wing roles, the player is also adept for the attacking FC Coins midfielder spot, and you can hone his passing to make him even better. Coming to his rating and potential, Joel Roca begins the first season at 62 and can climb up to 82 over the seasons.

9 Aacute;ngel Alarcoacute;n, FC Barcelona 
Aacute;ngel Alarcoacute;n could be a great winger you can pick up if you require someone who is well-rounded in statistics. The young prospect primarily plays for the second team of FC Barcelona, and he has already made his debut for the main team earlier in .

The Spaniard has been rated 67 inside the Career Mode, and you can develop him into a world-class player, with his potential standing at 82. It would be best if you tried purchasing him in the earlier few seasons or went for a loan-to-buy move to get his services.

8 Cristhian Mosquera, Valencia 
Cristhian Mosquera was a decent selection in FIFA 22, and he has managed to maintain his potential in FC 24 as well. Getting him would be a good choice since the defender will aid you in the process of making your backline more secure, and his physical presence can even help on corner kicks.

Looking at the rating, EA has provided Cristhian Mosquera with an overall of 66, which is decent for lower-tier teams. However, as his potential is 82, you can invest in him and see him grow as the seasons pass.

7 Luca Warrick Koleosho, Espanyol 
Luca Warrick Koleosho stood out as one of the hottest prospects on the Espanyol side, and he is among the hidden gems you must try purchasing. Even though he has already joined Burnley in real life, you would find him playing the Barcelona-based club in FC 24 Career Mode.

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