I prefer to stick to my dungeons. So this is going to be an extremely WoTLK Gold  difficult transition into the dungeons that I've tested thus far. Most of the testing I've completed was at the beginning of levels, so between 60-65. Also, I played with a small group of people and also got access to beta. If you're playing in a time like 6061. or people are trying the characters they're going to be stuck to the first dungeon which is the final legacy of tear.

It's a dungeon that's really quite normal, nothing too unusual, like the bosses are brand new and, you know, they're well designed and I can understand the ideas, especially when it comes to mythic and how the mechanics are likely to integrate in Boston. Boston counter. But, of course this is a typical dungeon. We're at least my tank was getting prepared.

It's like steamrolling the dungeons, but the dungeon is kind of like a little throwback. It's like the relics of an old dungeon. You'll be able to kind of see how they're kind of trying to make the dungeon into a mythic plus experience. This is great for someone like me and for those who are interested in mythic plus, it's five bosses but the trash is like, you can really get huge poles. You can also find lots of similar little lol spots that you can put things in extremely, very well.

So I'm actually really excited for all of my legacy here, nothing really stood out. There's nothing like super exciting. Some bosses are equipped with something like 234 mechanics. But the way that they're going to be working at least once the scaling process begins to play a role It's going to be a lot of fun. I'm a huge fan. buy WoTLK Classic Gold The next dungeon to can unlock when you reach level 61.