Before you get too excited about finding a rent-controlled unit to call your own, make sure that you understand some of the factors that will help you qualify. Not everyone is going to qualify for this kind of apartment. There are some things, like your own personal income, that can push you out of the running. The point of rent-control is to provide affordable housing to those who need it. If you are not living in the right building or making a ton of money, then you will not be one of the people who qualify.


There are a few exemptions to rent control that you need to know about ahead of time to help you out. Some of these include:


# Your income: If you have an income that is too high, it can make the landlord deregulate the unit. Then they no longer have to adhere to some of the guidelines for rent control. The amount is going to depend on where you live. For those in New York, if you make more than $200,000 a year for two years in a row, then you can lose your protection under rent stabilization.

# The age of the building: The date that the building your unit is in will be important when it comes to rent control. The dates are specific, even down to the day. You need to look up the date before you search for one of these units to make sure that the building is going to still qualify. You can also talk to the landlord about this before you decide to sign a lease with them.

# Recent legislation: Several states have introduced some new laws that have to do with rent regulations. These can make changes in the current rent regulations and how much you are going to spend as well. In some cases, the tenant can lose coverage depending on how the laws make a difference.

# City regulations: Some states will have their policies for rent regulation be statewide. But there are some areas where the city can have their own laws as well. This is why you need to study the city and the state regulations.


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