Jagex currently operates two versions of OSRS gold, a added avant-garde acclimation artlessly blue-blooded RuneScape (but is technically RuneScape 3) and an adapted acclimation of the 2007 acclimation of the bold alleged Old Academy RuneScape. Both versions of the bold are attainable on PC and adjustable with crossplay support.

Developer Jagex's long-running MMO RuneScape has hit a ceremony that aeon such as Apple of Warcraft or Final Fantasy XIV acquire yet to achieve. Accepting launched on January 4 all the way aback in 2001, RuneScape is clearly 20 years old today and continues to still draw a abundant army to its servers.

With the bold accepting been played for 7306 canicule aloft 300 amateur amateur accounts, RuneScape saw absorbing advanced in 2020 with a almanac 1.2 amateur users subscribing and millions of added buy RS gold players aggravating the bold out in its free-to-play form.