FC 24 ultimate team makes a return, so you can build your dream squad and get all the latest FC 24 FUT tips and tricks needed to take on the best out there.

What is EA FC 24 Ultimate Team?

The goal of Ultimate Team is to assemble your dream squad. How you achieve that squad, is completely up to the player. There are plenty of options to get there. Within Ultimate Team there are both online and offline game modes that you can enjoy.

Just like in real life football, there is a transfer market within FUT. And with the introduction with cross-play, the transfer market is cross-platform between the Xbox and PlayStation (when PC EA?). On the transfer market, you can buy and sell players, but to buy them you need so called FIFA coins. And to no ones surprise, the top players are all very expensive, which means you'll need to win a lot, or invest and trade your way up.

Next to active current players, there are also FIFA Icons. These are legendary players that we all know from football's history, like Ronaldo Lima, Maradona and Pelé. In total, there are more than 100 icons available in EA Sports FC. And then there are also FUT Heroes, which are a different group of retired football players every fan should know.

What are Player Evolutions in EA Sports FC 24?

Player Evolutions is a feature added to EA Sports FC 24 Ultimate Team that allows us to upgrade (theoretically at least) any player in the game via objectives.

Yes, you heard that right, you’ll be able to select a player that meets the evolution criteria and then upgrade their stats, their PlayStyle and their item as you progress in the game.

There will be an Evolutions cap in game per season, so you can upgrade your card to a certain extent until the next season comes around.

You can add a previously upgraded Evolution to a new slot which means that you could upgrade the same player throughout the year.

You can even potentially add promo cards to an evolution slot and upgrade them if they meet the criteria.

With evolutions cards you’ll get animated card designs

There will be a cost to adding cards to the Evolutions slot, whether it be EA Sports FC 24 Coins or FC Points.

FC 24 Ultimate Team Promo Events

We already know a couple of the promo campaigns that await us in FC 24 Ultimate Team! This is because of the bonuses on offer for pre-orders and also some of the information revealed in deep-dive material.

The first promo will be a Nike campaign, which is only accessible during early access. It will begin on September 22, the same time as early access starts, and run for one week. We don’t know much more about it, as it will be a totally new event.

Road to the Knockouts also looks confirmed for a return, with an objective set for Phil Foden shown off in the deep dive. Although it states under the picture that the player is not confirmed for the campaign, it doesn’t deny the campaign is happening!

Play Style and Play Style+

As per the main game, Play Style and Play Style+ are present in Ultimate Team. Tying into the evolutions mechanic, Teather explained that “Special and campaign items can be upgraded, too”. As an example, FIFA 23 Jude Bellingham Team of the Week got a Play Style+ upgrade and better stats. You can even upgrade the cosmetics of your Ultimate Team cards, and EA Sports has signed a deal with Nike to make custom animations for FC 24.

PlayStyles+ are visible on the cards to the left side of the card. There are going to be some seriously impressive cards fully upgraded. TOTW cards might have added PS+ attributes because of real-world stuff. The producers explained that if someone like Erling Haaland scored an amazing-headed goal in the Premier League, he could end up with a TOTW card that had the Power Header Play Style Plus attribute.

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