“Glee” Star Heather Morris Want You to “Get Nasty” With This 10-Minute Heels Class


Fans might know her from “Glee,” but actress and dancer Heather Morris is here to spice things up by teaching a fun heels dance class. Intimidated? Don’t be. Here, Morris offers up a quick dance session that all levels and backgrounds can try. Plus, the class is only 10 minutes long, making it a super quick and fun way to move, get your heart rate up, and dance. Assisted by Mina Huynh Artis on the left, and Samantha Abrantes on the right, this squad proves that dancing together is tons of fun.

To warm things up, Morris guides the class with a series of neck rotations in each direction. If needed for extra stability, Morris reminds viewers they have the option of using a chair to assist for balance. Next, the focus is on warming up the hips, including hip sits to the beat, walking and marching in place, and rocking the hips side to side. Shifting gears, Morris takes a ballet ballet barre approach, incorporating several pliés in place with regular tempo. Encouraging the class with a smile, Morris instructs everyone to double up the speed, and provides an option to add in port de bras, or arm movements generated from the upper body.

Turning up the volume, the last portion of the warm up has everyone starting to dance with a quick sequence of tootsie rolls. Then it’s time for some intro movements with strutting, hair whips, and posing. Next up, Morris transitions into teaching the full-dance choreo. With heaps of attitude and energy, this exciting class is bound to have everyone having a good time. The main theme is to feel empowered — all while you snap, walk, pose, and sway to the rhythm of the music. Need a refresher on the technique? No sweat! You can rewind and replay the class at any point, allowing you to learn at your own pace.

The last two minutes of the class incorporates a cool down and stretch sequence, with no heels required. Slowing down the pace, Morris guides the class into several gentle shoulder rolls. Incorporating deep breaths, and slowing down the breathing patterns, Morris demonstrates how to switch into slow forward rolls. To finish out, Morris leads the class into easy hamstring stretches. Loved this class? Subscribe to our PS Fit YouTube channel for new workouts every week. PS Fit has a mission to provide free fitness programming that is fun, beginner friendly, and accessible for all.

Heather Morris

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Samantha Abrantes

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Mina Huynh Artis

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Jade Esmeralda, MS, CSCS, is a Staff Writer, Health & Fitness. A life-long martial artist and dancer, Jade has a strong passion for strength & conditioning, sports science, and human performance. She graduated with a Master of Science degree in Exercise Science and Strength and Conditioning from George Washington University

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