Knock Out This Quick HIIT Challenge in Just 10 Minutes


If cardio seems more like a chore and less like a fun sweat session, this 10-minute HIIT workout can help you switch it up. Presented by Allegra, this high-energy routine is a quick way to get your daily dose of cardio…minus the treadmill. The programming moves quickly so you’ll never feel bored, with short intervals to make the time fly by. To keep you motivated, Class Fitsugar trainer Jenna Willis leads you through each exercise, sharing low-impact modifications and words of encouragement throughout the workout. If you’re following along at home, you don’t need any equipment to dive right in, but here’s what you can expect.

The good news is that each exercise is only done once, so you can really give it your all. After getting your heart rate up with jumping jacks, Willis moves right into ground taps with a high reach. From here, you’ll bring the heart rate back down with cross foot reaches. “I love getting that heart rate up, and then lowering it down just enough to then get it right back up,” Willis says. “So don’t get too comfortable.” Next up are lateral lunges paired with high knee hops, followed by a quick series of punches.

Keeping this explosive energy going, you’ll move into ball slams (minus the ball), cross-jacks, skaters, and invisible jump roping. There’s also some “sneaky ab” work like wood chops, knee drives, and standing crunches. Even if all you have is 10 minutes, this HIIT workout is proof that you don’t need a ton of time or equipment to break a sweat. Follow along and remember, “You are worth every second of this workout and you are making that change,” Willis says. Don’t miss new workouts every week on the POPSUGAR Fitness YouTube channel.

Chandler Plante is an assistant editor for POPSUGAR Health & Fitness. Previously, she worked as an editorial assistant for People magazine and contributed to Ladygunn, Millie, and Bustle Digital Group. In her free time, she overshares on the internet, creating content about chronic illness, beauty, and disability.

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