The Coolest Hair Ribbon Trick and More TikTok Beauty Hacks

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From sip-proofing lip products to “priming” perfume, try the new TikTok-approved beauty tricks I learned this month.

Let’s talk numbers.

After scrolling through the endless void of content that is TikTok for hours on end, our screen time is likely much higher than most of us would like to disclose. So instead of those numbers, let’s talk about the number of beauty hacks we’ve learned from the app while we were busy scrolling. Last month we unpacked five useful beauty tricks from ombré concealer to hacking claw clips for curls, and this month we’ve got five more.

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From the two-second trick that’ll repair fraying hair ribbons to learning how to sip-proof all our lip products, here are the best beauty hacks I learned on TikTok this month.

Repair hair ribbons with… a lighter?

From high fashion runways to our TikTok feeds, it’s no secret that coquette-ish hair ribbons and bows have taken over the hair trend scene in 2023. At this month’s New York Fashion Week, we spotted hair interwoven with ribbons at shows like Christian Siriano and Collina Strada. Off the runway, tying trendy ribbons into our own tresses seems easy enough — until they begin to fray and fall apart at the ends. TikTok user @lexiluxury offers a simple solution to split-ended ribbons, and all you’ll need to seal them up is a lighter. To avoid lighting your literal scalp on fire, we’d recommend giving this trick a go before you tie the ribbon into your hair. Proceeding with caution, spark your lighter and gently pass the tip of the flame over the end of your fraying ribbon for a few seconds until the frayed strands begin to shrivel up. Lastly, press any stray strands flat into place and your ribbon will be as good as new and right on trend.

hair ribbon
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Hopping on the hair ribbon bandwagon? Skip the stress of having to tie a perfect bow every single time by wearing a scrunchie with a built-in ribbon. Not only do these Kitsch hair ties come bow-ready, but they’re also made with high-quality satin so you don’t have to worry about breakage.

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DIY coloured eyeliner

Trends are endlessly coming and going, and beauty hacks often have the tendency to do the same — especially on TikTok. This month, creator Atosa Aghakhani brought a DIY coloured eyeliner hack back into the trend space. Inspired by a TikTok originally posted by #beautytok icon Monet McMichael, who experimented with mixing micellar water and eyeshadow to create a custom eyeliner, Aghakhani put the theory to the test. “If this is true, we’re going to save a lot of money on liners,” she says in her TikTok. Spoiler alert: it works! And Aghakhani’s video has already garnered nearly two million views in a matter of weeks. In the comments, TikTok users remind us that using eyeshadow as eyeliner is an age-old technique, but like the return of Mary Jane shoes and the “unnecessary belt”, DIY graphic liner seems to be in its comeback era and we’re not mad about it.

If you’re looking to try the trend, grab a colourful eyeshadow palette, a bottle of micellar water, and a thin-tipped eyeliner brush. Next, you’ll want to dip your brush into the micellar water (we suggest pouring this out into a separate container in order to avoid contaminating the entire bottle), and coat it with the eyeshadow pigment of your choosing. Then, draw on your “eyeliner” as you typically would and you’ve got yourself a DIY’ed graphic liner look.

Photography Courtesy of Garnier

Garnier is home to a wide variety of skin-loving micellar waters, but our top pick for this trend would be this classic, sensitive skin-safe option. You can get your money’s worth out of this product by using it as a makeup remover, too.

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Prime your perfume

What do we do when a perfume smells delicious but doesn’t last as long as we’d like? We prep it with makeup primer, apparently! TikToker @devanncarroll has almost hit a million views on her post, where she demonstrates “how to make your perfume last all day” by applying a makeup primer to her wrists before spritzing perfume on overtop. Sure, I’d heard of using lotion or Vaseline as a perfume base to increase a fragrance’s longevity, but makeup primer? This is one hack that almost seems obvious, yet still took me by surprise. And dare I say I wish I had thought of it myself?

Photography Courtesy of e.l.f Cosmetics

As seen in Carroll’s video, this viral Power Grip Primer by e.l.f Cosmetics will successfully set both your makeup and perfume. We love a multi-purpose product!

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Sip-proof your lips

’Tis the season of pumpkin spice lattes and apple cider. In other words, we need our lip looks to survive sipping on our favourite fall drinks all season long. Thankfully, makeup royalty Huda Kattan has recently revisited an old favourite lip-setting hack of hers on TikTok, and we’ve been taking notes. “It keeps my lips on from morning — and I’m talking sometimes like 7 a.m. until 7 p.m.,” she shares in her viral video. Sounds like just what we need.

Begin by lining your lips to your liking, and then this is where the sip-proof part comes in. “We’re going to bake the lips,” explains Kattan. “This is really going to keep everything in place.” Just as you would “bake” your undereye area, tap a makeup sponge into a loose setting powder and apply the powder over your lips. Dust off the excess powder, and bring a little life back into the look with a swipe of lipstick for the final touch. Sip away!

Photography Courtesy of Huda Beauty

Where loose setting powders are concerned, Huda Beauty has got one of the best in the game. Each of these Easy Bake powders comes conveniently stocked with a built-in powder puff, so you’re always prepared. For this trend, we suggest shopping a translucent or light shade like “Pound Cake.”

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A three-shade eyeshadow hack

@marysherb if you’re struggling with blending eyeshadows or if you’re a beginner – try this hack (also it’s important to use shimmery eyeshadows, as it’s way easier to blend them without brushes) #eyeshadowtips #eyeshadowhacks #eyeshadowhack #makeuptips ♬ house of balloons by the weeknd – .

Who else is guilty of swiping one shade of eyeshadow across their entire eyelid and calling it a “look”? Well, this three-shade eyeshadow hack by TikToker @marysherb is here to shake up your makeup routine in the best way. Though the final result looks like the work of several makeup brushes and a lot of time, this hack is shockingly low-effort and super quick. In order to achieve the look, all you’ll need is an eyeshadow palette with a glittery shades, tape — and your fingertips.

To ensure you get that sharp-shadow look, place an angled piece of tape down before you begin your eyeshadow. Next, pick up three shades from your chosen palette ranging from dark to light on your three middle fingers (one shade per finger), and pack your darkest eyeshadow into the outer corner of your eye and along the line of tape. Then, tap your middle shade into the centre of your eyelid, and finish with your lightest shade at the inner corner — ensuring they all seamlessly blend into one another. Finally, peel off your tape to reveal a clean, angled line of eyeshadow that looks totally professional. It’s quick, easy to blend, and no brushes are necessary.

Photography Courtesy of Charlotte Tilbury

Equipped with both matte and glittery shades, this Charlotte Tilbury Luxury Eyeshadow quad has got best of both worlds without overwhelming us with too many options. Plus, it’s one of the palettes Sher uses in her TikTok to help create this look.

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