Top 4 Fat loss Training Tips For The Endomorph

Top 4 Fat loss Training Tips For The Endomorph
1. Do exercises using your body weight
2. Do compound exercises
3. Combo training
4. Get moving!

Want to learn more about the endomorph body type?

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Certified Personal Trainer, Sports Performance Nutrition Expert, Lifestyle & Motivation Coach Dimitri Giankoulas has been empowering the city of Toronto with his Motivation, Education & Inspiration since 1997. Dimitri began his career as a curious and passionate fitness enthusiast.

Over 10 years, Dimitri built over 10,000 hours of hands-on experience – working his way up as a personal trainer, fitness consultant & finally the personal training director for 2 former national fitness chains Bally’s & Premier Fitness.

In 2006, he launched Pure Motivation Fitness IN-HOME Personal Training, a mobile fleet of IN-HOME coaches coming right to your Home or Office making fitness mobile.

In an attempt to bring luxury & concierge-style service to fitness, and after 3 years of start-up, in 2009 husband & wife Dimitri & Francesca extended their passion even further by opening Vaughan, Ontario’s 1st & only Boutique Fitness Studio; Pure Motivation Fitness

Specializing in Body Type Specific (Somatotype) Personal Training and Nutrition Programs, Dimitri and his team of dedicated personal trainers, Naturopathic Doctors & Customer Service staff provide a more intimate, customized, and scientific approach to ensuring their members get and keep their results!

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