SEATED ABS, 30 Minute Weight Lifting Workout 💛 Pahla B Fitness

Considering the fact that we are SEATED, and that there’s NO cardio, you are going to be amazed at how SWEATY we get from this workout! This is 30 minutes of all strength training exercises with an ABS + OBLIQUES focus, to really sculpt and shape your belly, while also toning your arms, shoulders and (yes, really!) glutes. Grab your dumbbells and let’s go!

Get my exact 3-pair Dumbbell Set (affiliate link):

Set Up: Complete 10x each exercise; repeat each mini circuit twice before moving on

Overhead to High Knees
Side Bends
Good Mornings

Frog Reaches
Star Balance
Figure 8 Pass Throughs

Weighted Soldiers
Side Plank Crunch and Press
Weighted Knees to Elbows

❤ Pahla B

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