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Today, we’ll be doing a push day workout!
Don’t know what a push day workout is?? It’s basically a workout where you use mostly–if not all–pushing movements/exercises throughout the entire workout (ie: Bench Press, Shoulder Press, etc.). In a push day workout, you’ll be training your chest, shoulder, and tricep muscles.

Feel free take a screenshot of the workout diagrams included in the video right before the workout starts and at the very end of the workout so you can easily refer back to this workout!

Please see down below for the full written workout & music playlist.

Of course, most importantly, never forget that your fitness goals are fueled also through your nutrition, so always remember to stay consistent with both your nutrition & training.


1) Bench Press | 2 Warm-Up sets of 8-12 reps, 4 Working sets of 6-8 reps
2) Incline Bench Press | 4×12
3) Dumbbell Shoulder Press | 4×12
4) a. Front to Lateral Raises | 8 reps
b. Dumbbell Overhead Triceps Extensions | 10 reps
c. Rest for 1-2 minutes
Repeat a-c for a total of 4x.
5) a. Face Pulls | 12 reps
b. Triceps Pushdowns | 12 reps
c. Push Ups | 12 reps
d. Rest for 2-3 minutes
Repeat a-d for a total of 4x.


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FULL CHEST & TRIS DAY | https://youtu.be/r46b44Kxczw
SUPER SORE ARM BLASTER | https://youtu.be/_3qXxHHt_1A

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Music Playlist:
– Sweet Talk | Tyra Chantey

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