Donald Trump’s Voice During Interview Raises Eyebrows


An audio clip of a Donald Trump interview in which his voice cracks has been questioned by people on social media, with commentators saying that the Republican is ill.

In a four-second clip posted by independent news network MeidasTouch on X, formerly Twitter, the former president and 2024 GOP frontrunner appears to stutter and pause while saying: “I personally, I personally don’t think that he’s going to…”

MeidasTouch wrote: “Trump appeared to have trouble breathing while trying to attack President Biden’s health.”

Newsweek could not ascertain what broadcaster the interview was with and when it took place and has contacted a Trump spokesperson by email to comment on this story.

Responding to the clip, other commentators also questioned the former president’s health, with campaign group Republicans against Trump writing: “Trump is not well.”

Another X user, Kyle Sweetser, who describes himself as a Republican Centrist in his bio, wrote: “Two roughly 80 year old men running against each other for POTUS is not the best idea.”

Adam Parkhomenko, a Democratic strategist, posted: “When was the last time this guy had a physical? Didn’t he raid his doctors files and steal them.”

Age has emerged as a key theme ahead of November’s presidential elections. Some critics have said that Trump, 77, is experiencing cognitive decline, which might make him unsuitable for office. During a campaign rally on Saturday, for instance, he made a number of errors, including appearing to mix up Joe Biden and former President Barack Obama and seeming to slur words.

Trump has, in his defence, boasted about having “aced” cognitive tests and defended his mental acuity. He has also said that he is being sarcastic by repeatedly confusing Obama with Biden.

Donald Trump takes the stage during a campaign event at Greensboro Coliseum on March 2, 2024 in Greensboro, North Carolina. The former president’s voice appeared to crack during an interview, leading social-media users to say…

Photo by Alex Wong/Getty Images

His Democratic rival, Biden, has also faced scrutiny about his age and mental fitness. He is the oldest president ever, and detractors have pointed to his verbal slipups and physical missteps, such as stumbling on the stairs of Air Force One, as evidence of his incapability.

Special Counsel Robert Hur recently brought Biden’s age into the spotlight again when he made remarks characterizing the president as “an elderly man with a poor memory.” Saying that his “memory is fine,” Biden and a number of his associates have denied the claim. There is no medical proof that the Democrat is ailing.

Regardless of the criticism, it is all but confirmed that Trump and Biden will face each other in November’s presidential elections. It is custom for an incumbent to run again if he chooses to do so, and Trump is soaring ahead in the Republican primaries. The contest will be close.

A Morning Consult poll of 6,334 registered voters showed that Biden has 44 percent of the vote, while Trump is on 43 percent. The poll was conducted between March 1 and March 3.