Fox News Host Breaks Ranks With Critical Look At GOP’s Biden Impeachment Hearing


House Oversight and Accountability Committee Chair James Comer (R-Ky.) had promised “a mountain of evidence” against Biden, who Republicans accuse of corruption related to his vice presidency, said Cavuto. But “none of the expert witnesses today presented, yet, any proof for impeachment.”

“In other words … the way this was built up (was) where there’s smoke there would be fire,” Cavuto continued in a break from regular Fox messaging on the hearing. “I’m not a lawyer, and I’ll be talking to smart ones in a moment. But where there’s smoke, today we just got a lot more smoke.”

Cavuto acknowledged the inquiry may at some point lead to more information emerging that could be damaging to Biden, and said there was “no doubt” of the “curious” nature of the financial connections of the president’s son, Hunter Biden.

“But when you begin to trumpet what you have as the beginning of an explosive inquiry into the president of the United States to potentially remove him from office, you would think you would bring your A-game,” he said.

“Now maybe this is part of a pattern and a legal process of which I’m totally unfamiliar. Guilty as charged. But this took over six hours today, my friends. Over six hours. I wonder,” Cavuto added.

Watch Cavuto’s full analysis here, via Media Matters:

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