Matt Gaetz Clashes With Fox News’ Maria Bartiromo in Heated Interview


Representative Matt Gaetz, a Florida Republican, clashed with Fox News host Maria Bartiromo on Sunday while discussing the possibility of a government shutdown.

During the congressman’s appearance on Sunday Morning Futures, Bartiromo accused him of being a “disruptor” and trying to stop government funding that could lead to a shutdown. Gaetz, part of a group of hardline conservatives, has tested House Speaker Kevin McCarthy in recent weeks, similar to legislative threats he made during debt ceiling negotiations months ago, including statements openly stating his intent to vacate the speaker. The faction has refused to endorse a short-term Continuing Resolution (CR) that would continue to fund the government at current levels before a shutdown goes into effect on October 1.

“The disruptor trying to blow up the GOP unity, take down the speaker and shut down the government, Florida Congressman Matt Gaetz on his motives to disrupt the Republican wins including investigating potential bribery from Joe Biden,” Bartiromo said while introducing Gaetz.

In direct response, Gaetz fired back and said, “I’m glad I get to respond to your monologue because if you’re saying that I’m standing in the way of all the Republican wins, I’d love you to enumerate them.”

Representative Matt Gaetz, a Florida Republican, is seen on September 20 in Washington, D.C. Gaetz clashed with Fox News host Maria Bartiromo on Sunday while discussing the potential government shutdown.
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During his interview, Gaetz emphasized that there are funding issues pertaining to the U.S.-Mexico border and Ukraine, adding that the CR continues to hold “$300 million more for Ukraine.”

The Florida Republican has repeatedly denounced how involved the United States has been with Ukraine in providing military and humanitarian aid as the war-torn nation continues to fight Russia’s invasion.

“I think we oughta fight on all fronts, I think the border is very important and the best way to advance Republican border policies is to pass the Department of Homeland Security appropriations bill…if the Department of Labor and Education have to shut down for a few days as we get these appropriations in line that is certainly something that is not optimal, but I think it is better than continuing on the current path we are to America’s financial ruin,” he said Sunday.

Amid the heated interview, Bartiromo continued to press Gaetz on why he is trying to shut down the government, have McCarthy removed and is “blowing up Republican wins,” in reference to the House investigation and impeachment inquiry into President Joe Biden.

The tense exchange between the two was noted by multiple users of X, formerly Twitter, as user Noah Dowe wrote, “Maria Bartiromo and Matt Gaetz got testy today on Fox News after she said the Florida Rep. was undermining the Republican congress.”

X user John Jackson wrote, “Oooooof…..Contentious interview just now between Maria Bartiromo and Matt Gaetz. Maria was going after Gaetz like she was a spokesman for McCarthy. Gaetz effectively shut her down and was convincing in his rebuttals.”

The congressman’s comments on Sunday come after he has declined the CR, calling out McCarthy for the strategy. “Continuing Resolutions continue failure and decline and debt,” Gaetz told Newsweek via email on Friday. “Congress must pass single-subject spending bills to get America back on track.”

Gaetz responded to Bartiromo’s repeated criticism by saying, “None of those things are deliverables. Those are steps a process, that setting up a committee is an end unto itself only in Washington, D.C., but the American people demand results,” he concluded before Bartiromo tried to interject.

Newsweek has reached out to Gaetz and McCarthy for additional comment via email.

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