JESSE WATTERS: The Bidens and Menendez play by the same rules


FOX News host Jesse Watters weighs in on the federal indictment of Sen. Bob Menendez, D-N.J., and his wife for allegedly violating corruption and bribery laws Friday on “Jesse Watters Primetime.”


You know, this was a partisan prosecution because the Southern District of New York indicted “Golden Bar Bob”, not the U.S. attorney in New Jersey. Or was Menendez just a thorn in Biden’s side? Because remember, the Obama-Biden Justice Department indicted Menendez on bribery, but he skated on a hung jury. 

Now, it makes sense when you realize Menendez doesn’t want to open Cuba, Biden does. Menendez hates the Iran deal, Biden wants back in. Menendez loves Israel, Biden not so much. Menendez was dead set against Venezuelan amnesty, and Biden just gave half a million Venezuelan Social Security numbers. 

So Menendez is cooked, and President Biden has a wider lane in foreign affairs now. But we’re getting to know Joe Biden aren’t we? He sees an obstacle, and he doesn’t move around it, he removes it. Trump indicted. Menendez indicted. Mini-Madoff took the money, indicted. Elon Musk investigated four times; the indictment is coming. You’re unvaxxed, you’re fired. Biden’s cagier than we give him credit for. He did exactly what Bob Menendez did, but every time investigators got close, they were obstructed. Hunter was tipped off and the CIA and the FBI covered for him. 

Think about it. The Bidens were getting bribed with diamonds. The Menendez’s were getting bribed with gold bars. The Bidens were getting paid in Porsche’s. The Menendez’s were getting paid in Benz’s. The Bidens were getting no show jobs. The Menendez’s were getting no show jobs. The Bidens were going to business dinners with foreign clients. The Menendez’s were going to business dinners with foreign clients. The Bidens took the cash and wire transfers though, the Menendez’s took the cash in cash. The Bidens hid the bribes and shell companies. The Menendez’s hid the bribes in their windbreakers. They both tried swapping in a new prosecutor. They both used foreign aid to squeeze cash out of countries. They both used encrypted apps to conduct the conspiracy. Same result, selling out the country for personal profit. Even the charge would be the same conspiring to abuse an official position and inducing payments from it. So what’s the difference between a Menendez and a Biden? Nobody F’s with the Biden. 


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