100-year-old New Hampshire woman awarded honorary diploma



Josephine Sad’s secret to a long life: “Never slow down.”

On Tuesday, 100-year-old Josephine Sad received an honorary high school diploma from Center High School in Manchester, N.H., the very school she had to leave during the Great Depression, according to Mayor Joyce Craig. Mayor Joyce Craig’s Facebook page

MANCHESTER, N.H. (AP) — A 100-year-old woman who left high school to care for her brother during the Great Depression has been awarded an honorary diploma in New Hampshire.

Josephine Sad left Central High School in Manchester to take care of her younger brother while both of their parents worked. She later joined the Women’s Army Corps and served during World War II.

Sad’s friend, Terry Seavey, shared her story with Mayor Joyce Craig and a surprise award ceremony was held Tuesday.

“When the mayor reached out, we were immediately on board,” said Jennifer Gillis, Manchester School District superintendent. “Mrs. Sad’s service to her family, community and country in times of need is inspiring.”

According to Gillis, Sad shared her secret to a long life: “Never slow down.”

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