Deb Chubb Is the Clear MVP of ‘Love Island USA’ Season 4


It is hard to stand out on Love Island. The reality dating show churns through so many smoking hot singles who are ready to mingle on a near-nightly basis, which makes the cast kinda blur together into a haze of blond hair, abs, and popped bottles. I kinda have a goldfish brain when I’m watching Love Island, in that I can really only remember whoever’s on screen at any moment and I forget them the instant the camera jumps to the next couple.

That is not the case with Deb Chubb. You cannot forget Deb Chubb. When Deb is on screen, even in the background, she’s all you can focus on. When Deb is offscreen, you’re wondering when Deb is going to reappear. Love Island USA is Deb Chubb, and Deb Chubb is Love Island USA.

It was incredibly clear from her intro back in Love Island’s premiere as a Peacock original that Deb would be the MVP of Season 4. This is the first thing she says in her intro interview:

Love Island USA - Deb forgot underwear
Photo: Peacock

That entrance line is better than the majority of Drag Race queens. In that video, we learn that Deb is 26 and from Redondo Beach, California. She says that she’s been single for so long that if Love Island fails in finding her a man, she might have to become “an anun,” then catches herself and says, “a nun.” Another fun fact about Deb:

Love Island USA - Deb is into mullets.
Photo: Peacock

This is the charm of Deb Chubb (besides her incredible name). The other girls on Love Island tend to be on their best (re: sexiest) behavior at all times. They’re there to flirt, look hot, steal men, and get their big emotional moment when they have their man stolen. Deb is there to do all of that too, sure, but she has precisely zero pretensions.

Love Island USA - Deb cursing
Photo: Peacock

Deb is naturally goofy and has zero cares about how she comes across on TV. She says what’s on her mind all the time, and what’s on her mind is frequently hilarious. Like when Sydney and Isaiah leave to spend the night in The Hideaway, Deb does her impression of what Isaiah is probably saying right then: “Come on babe, you’ve waited to get this dick for 14 days now… Actually she’d probably like that.” That’s just funny.

And when Sydney comes back from hiding away, Deb immediately asks…

Love Island USA - Deb asking if Sydney got that peacock
Photo: Peacock

Look at Deb, providing Peacock with a great moment for Love Island’s social media.

I also love that when she’s challenged to make a meal for an incoming Islander, she’s immediately annoyed because she cannot cook (“I’m not so good at following directions”). But she says she’s going to “put on her thinking pants” and make it work. Cut to Deb slicing a tomato, saying to herself in faux astonishment, “Betty Crocker who? Chef Boyar-who?”

Love Island USA - Deb cooking
Photos: Peacock

It’s like Love Island is Deb Chubb’s SNL audition tape. Are you paying attention, Lorne??

Seriously — Deb is naturally funny and she also knows how to perform to a camera in the confessional. When she finds out that she’s going on a solo date with Jesse, a man who needs to really appreciate the completely unique creature that is Deb Chubb, she starts to put horny vibes out into the universe.

Love Island USA - Deb manifests a makeout.
Photo: Peacock

I hope the universe gives her what she wants, because she more than deserves it considering all of the excellent TV she’s giving us this summer. Deb Chubb is easily the captain of Love Island and everyone else is just a stowaway.

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