Hilariously Awkward ‘The Price Is Right’ Contestant Goes Viral


A woman went viral online after footage of her awkwardly searching for the exit on The Price Is Right was posted to TikTok.

The video, posted by Christopher Ward or @pilotboy1985, received more than 2 million views and 2,300 comments, many of which joked about the second-hand embarrassment the video gave them.

“This awkward girl represents all us awkward people,” the onscreen text reads.

Luckily for this contestant, she is not the first person to embarrass herself while on a game show. In December, an uncomfortable moment from a Jeopardy! episode from 2015 resurfaced online.

Tom Imler made headlines after giving a creepy Jeopardy! answer in response to the question: “In common law, the age of this, signaling adulthood, is presumed to be 14 in boys and 12 in girls.” Instead of the correct answer, puberty, Imler quickly replied “What is the age of consent” which left many viewers with a bad taste in their mouths.

In Ward’s now-viral video, a female contestant on The Price Is Right was unable to find the exit after spinning the iconic big wheel during the show’s “Showcase Showdown.”

Instead of walking off the stage to the right of the wheel, the woman walked to the back left of the stage while host Drew Carey introduced the next contestant to the stage.

As Carey told the male contestant to spin the wheel, the woman was visibly struggling in the background.

At first the female contestant attempted to walk to the back of the set thinking there was an exit, but there was not. She continued to walk around the background decorations as the other contestant spun the wheel.

The woman eventually began laughing at herself as she just stopped and looked toward the camera.

She again walked to the back corner and again found herself stuck. She even tried to sneak off the stage by going behind the wheel, but that attempt was also unsuccessful.

As the person filming the TikTok video laughed, the contestant was finally successful in exiting the stage by walking behind Carey. The crowd cheered as she found the correct exit.

Somehow, neither Carey nor the contestant spinning the wheel noticed the situation.

Now, the contestant’s on-camera experience is gaining empathy from thousands of fellow awkward people. More than 21,400 shared the now-viral TikTok and more than 3,300 users commented.

“I always wondered how do they know where to go, I would 100% do this,” one user commented.

“Me trying to find the washroom in a restaurant lol,” another wrote.

“Bob Barker would have told her what to do,” one user joked about the retired game show host.

Other users mentioned that if that were them, they would never be able to get over the embarrassment.

“This would haunt me every day for years and years if it were me,” one user wrote.

“This happened to me in kindergarten in a school assembly,” someone replied. “I am now 38yo and it still haunts me.”

A contestant on ‘The Price Is Right’ went viral after she could not find her way off stage after spinning “The Big Wheel.”
Valerie Macon/Getty Images

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