The DIY Gradient Wood Tasting Spoon Pendant Light Is FINISHED!!


It has been quite a long, winding journey, with lots of roadblocks along the way, but the gradient wood tasting spoon pendant light is finally finished!

So just a quick recap. I wanted a unique light to go over my desk in the studio, and I decided to make a light inspired by my favorite piece of artwork that I’ve ever made — the gradient pinwheel made of wood tasting spoons.

So I estimated how many spoons I’d need to space them 3/4-inch apart on 15 lampshade rings, painted in 15 different colors, and assembled together to create a funnel-shaped pendant light. So I cut the handles off of 1200 tasting spoons (which I did before I estimated how many I’d actually need), then sanded, primed, painted, and gilded 850 of the spoons. Then I drilled holes in all of them, and attached them to the lampshade rings using 10mm jump rings.

And when I assembled everything (after trying 10 different ways to attach the lampshade rings together before finding something that actually worked), I realized that not only was the light fixture too tall (meaning that it looked out of proportion and too much like a literal funnel), but I needed double the number of spoons than what I had prepared. So with the help of a friend and my mom, we prepared 850 additional spoons for the light.

Before adding those additional spoons, I needed to find a way to keep the chain links in place because they kept shifting every time I touched the light. So after considering different options (I actually bought a soldering iron), I decided to use super glue. It was the fastest and easiest option, and it worked out perfectly.

Once all of the chain links were glued to the lampshade rings and to each other, I started adding the additional spoons. I started at the bottom and worked my way to the top. Once I got about five rings finished, I started getting really excited to see this finished. Doubling the number of spoons was definitely the right decision.

I took some time to decide exactly how I wanted the spoons arranged. Because I’m a perfectionist, you know I had to try arranging them where they lined up perfectly, alternating directions from row to row.

Interestingly, I didn’t like it like that. I much preferred the random, messy, unpredictable look.

So are you ready to see the finished light? Here it is!!

It was so worth it! I love this so much. It took a total of about 1700 wood tasting spoons, countless hours, and lots of frustrating trial and error, but it turned out even better than what I envisioned in my mind. It reminds me of feathers for some reason. It’s like a really colorful bird, and y’all know how much I love birds. 😀

Here’s what it looks like with the light turned on, although the only time I ever use this light is when I’m sitting at my desk after dark or early in the morning. It’s mostly just a pretty decoration.

My desk is far from finished, but you can use your imagination to envision what it’ll look like over my desk with the white base and walnut top.

I can hardly believe it’s finally done. This was, by far, the most difficult and time-consuming artsy project I’ve ever done. But I’m so glad I saw it through to the end. It’s a one-of-a-kind, for sure.


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