I’m Done. You Make This Decision For Me, Please!


If you know me at all, you know very well that I have a tendency to become hyper-obsessed with certain decorating and design decisions. Some decisions I can make very easily and quickly, and I can get those things done and move on. With other things, my brain becomes like a car stuck in mud after a huge rainfall. I’m pressing on the gas, trying my hardest to move forward, the more dug in to that one spot I become. No matter how hard I think, consider my options, or try to force a decision, the harder it gets for me to actually make progress.

Even after all these years of living with my brain 😀 and understanding that this happens, I still can’t make sense of why certain decisions (and very often, seemingly insignificant decisions) get me so stuck and obsessed, while other decisions (and often, very big decisions) seem so easy. And a lot of the times, it’s the insignificant decisions that I seem to become hyper-obsessed over. I can’t explain it. But I do know that we all have those idiosyncrasies that we know we have, but we can’t explain why we have them. This is one of my many.

What I do know very well is that by the time this particular idiosyncrasy of mine begins to wear on my own nerves, that’s when I know that other people’s nerves have been worn for days, or weeks, or sometimes even months by my hyper-obsession and indecision. And I think we’ve reached that point with these stupid doors in the back entry of my studio. I decided last night that I’m not going to try any other faux finishes to try to make them look like wood. I’m not going to replace the doors with real wood doors. I’m not going to do anything to the doors that requires me to remove the doors (like adding veneer).

I’m going to paint the doors, be done with them, and move on. I have way more important and more exciting things to do, like installing wallpaper in the bathroom, sewing curtains, and finishing the rest of the cabinets. So when I made that decision last night, that brought me right back to the questions, “What color?”

Believe you me, as much as you’re rolling your eyes at me right now, I was rolling my eyes at myself last night. We’re right back to the color choice. Internally, I was yelling at myself, “MY GOSH, KRISTI!!!! JUST MAKE A FREAKING CHOICE AND LET’S GET ON WITH THINGS!!!!!

Just so you know, yelling doesn’t really motivate me, whether it’s coming from myself or from someone else. 😀 That just gets me dug in even deeper. So I went back to my photo editor, did a few mock ups, and made the decision that I’m going to let you decide which color I paint the doors.

For those of you asking, “Didn’t we do this exercise already,” yes, we did. But that’s when I was planning on painting all of the doors the same color. I’ve now decided to paint the French doors white (at least I was able to made that decision on my own! 😀 ) and only paint the two side doors a different color. I’ve narrowed it down to the colors I like, and you can decide from there. And to make it easier on my brain, I’m just going to go with the majority vote. The majority will win, I’ll buy the paint, and I’ll get the doors done ASAP so we can all move on, and I can stop obsessing over doors.

Just so that we’re clear, white isn’t an option. If you vote for white, you’re wasting your vote. Write-in candidates never win. 😀 So here are the colors that are actually on the ballot.

Option 1 – Dark Charcoal Gray (like Sherwin Williams Iron Ore)

Option 2 – Dark Eggplant (like Behr Black Sapphire)

Option 3 – Dark Green (i.e., darker than the walls)

Option 4 – Green, same green as the walls

Option 5 – Light Pink

(I didn’t like this option before with the French doors the same color. But now that the French doors are staying white, I really like the pink.)

Option 6 – The cabinet color (Sherwin Williams Tuberose)

(Just like with the light pink, I didn’t like this at all with all of the doors this color. But with the French doors painted white, I really like this bold look.)

So those are the options. I narrowed them down to these six, but that’s as far as my brain can take it. The final color is your decision. So, what say you?

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