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store paper rolls in a craft room

If you’re ready to get your craft space fully organized, I’m here to help you! Artesprix recently released my favorite sublimation protective paper in a 60-foot roll. That inspired me to share some of my favorite sublimation protective paper roll storage solutions to help you decide which is best for your craft room.

I’ve never really had to think about how to store my roll of sublimation protective paper because I went through it so quickly. Now that it comes in longer rolls I need a good way to store it.

If you are looking to organize your craft room, check out my new craft room tour. You are sure to get inspiration for your space!

sublimation protective paper roll storage

You can watch me walk you through 5 different storage solutions for protective paper rolls by pressing play on the video below.

Which option you choose will depend on the type of sublimation paper you prefer or your craft space. There is no right or wrong choice here. All of these options are great in different ways.

Supplies Used

Here are the different sublimation protective papers and storage options I use and recommend.

I recently did a complete craft room makeover. As I was thinking of how I wanted things set up I knew I wanted to include a way to keep the supplies I use most often right at my fingertips.

5 Ways to Store Sublimation Protective Paper Rolls

You know I love Artesprix sublimation protective paper. They recently released a 60-foot roll which is awesome because now I can replace it less often. This also means I needed a way to store those rolls because they’re going to last much longer.

Whether you prefer protective paper on a roll or individual sheets you’ll likely find a solution in this post. While I am going to be using the Artesprix sublimation protective paper roll in my examples, these storage options will work for other sublimation protection paper rolls as well.

Recycled Sublimation Paper Roll Storage Idea

If you’re trying sublimation protective paper rolls for the first time you may be looking for a storage option that doesn’t cost a lot while you decide if you like it.

Tin Foil Box

You can easily use a tin foil box from the kitchen. Keep a box when your foil is empty or remove the foil and simply drop your roll of protective paper inside.

Tin foil box for sublimation protective paper rolls.

You’ll use it exactly like you did for tin foil. The serrated edge will cut the paper and you can cut it to whatever length you need.

Add sublimation protective paper roll to box.

Sublimation Protective Paper Box

Another option I found that worked well was this box from Hobby Lobby. They sell a roll of protective paper in a sturdy box that has a serrated edge like the tin foil box.

Sublimation heat protective paper box.

I was interested in the box more than I was in the protective paper itself. This comes in a 12-foot roll but once that was gone the 60-foot roll from Artesprix fit in it really well.

Add large roll to box as a replacement.

The nice thing about this is you get the 12-foot roll to use and then you can use the box afterward for future rolls.

Decorative Kitchen Dispenser

This next option isn’t free but it is something I already had on hand. This is a kitchen-themed dispenser box from Chic Wrap.

Reusable kitchen storage box with cute pattern.

I really like their products and have a few of their products. While this is a kitchen-themed design, they come in a wide variety of finishes and in different sizes.

One of the things that I really like is how sturdy the box is. It has a blade that slides like a paper cutter.

Inside of Chic Wrap reusable storage box.

This box is a great option that could be used for both protective paper or butcher paper rolls.

Roll of sublimation protective paper inside reusable box.

I do recommend that you check the size of your butcher paper to make sure it will fit in the box you choose. The Artesprix sublimation protective paper fits well in the option I have.

Wall Control Pegboards

In my new space right near my heat presses, I am using Wall Control Pegboards. This one has a shelf that has a roll holder already on it.

Wall Control Pegboard with built in roll holder.

I added the roll of protective paper to the roll holder and I really like how it feeds back behind this rail that holds these little plastic bins.

Sublimation protective paper roll fed behind rail on Wall Control Pegboard.

Simply add the sublimation protective paper roll to the roll holder and then feed it back behind the bins and use a pair of scissors to cut the protective paper to the length you need.

Use scissors to trim protective paper.

DreamBox Storage

I love my new DreamBox. I am using it for Cricut crafting but the rods on the doors are perfect for your sublimation protective paper rolls.

DreamBox door with roll holder.

Just like the Wall Control PegBoards you can pull out the length you need and then trim it to the size you need with scissors.

Use scissors to trim sublimation protective paper from roll.

Butcher Paper Roll Storage

I really like the Artesprix protective paper but if you prefer butcher paper I have storage options for those too.

You can use the Wall Control Pegboard roll holder or you can use this wooden holder that I like.

Wooden butcher paper roll holder.

Because butcher paper often comes in very large rolls you’ll want something that can hold the weight of the roll.

This wooden holder works similarly to a paper towel roll holder. You simply take the dowel out, place it in the butcher paper roll, and then replace the dowel into the holder.

Feed roll holder through butcher paper roll.

This one has a rail on the back that is intended to help you rip the paper easily. I found that it didn’t work very well so I use a pair of scissors to trim the paper to the length I need for my project.

Use scissors to cut butcher paper from wooden roll holder.

How to Store Sublimation Protective Paper Sheets

As a little bonus, I am going to share some of my favorite ways to store sublimation protective paper sheets.

I typically prefer rolls of sublimation protective paper vs. sheets because I can cut them to the exact size I need wasting less material. For mugs, however, I like to purchase pre-cut protective sheets. I also like to keep some of the Cricut butcher paper sheets on hand.

If you prefer sheets, depending on how they are packaged you may be wondering how best to store them.

Cricut Butcher Paper

Cricut butcher paper comes in a box. You can easily store those sheets in the box they came in. They will sit nicely on the shelf and there’s no need to put them in something else unless you want to.

Plastic Wrapped Protective Paper Sheets

If you purchase pre-cut sheets, sometimes they come only wrapped in plastic. In these situations, I really like to take them out of the plastic and store them in something else.

The nice thing about these sheets is it’s pretty easy to find a way to store them. The full-size sheets are typically 12 inches by 12 inches in size which means all of the paper storage options for that size paper will work to store your sublimation protective paper sheets.

I used to store mine in the drawers that went in my IKEA shelf cubbies and I loved that. You can also use one of the 12×12 paper organizers that are made to stand up and just lay them on their side.

Because both butcher paper and sublimation protective paper aren’t very sturdy they tend to fall down if you try to stand them up. This is why I store them flat.

There are so many different paper storage options. Stackable trays, drawers, and more. I’m sure you can find something that will work for your space.

butcher paper sheets in drawers

Which Storage Solutions am I Using in My Craft Room?

Now that I’ve shown you a variety of different storage solutions for sublimation protective paper rolls and sheets, I wanted to share what I’m using in my craft room.

I showed you that I have the Wall Control Peg Board set up over by my heat presses. That is where I am storing my large Artesprix sublimation protective paper rolls.

When I am filming away from that wall, I will use something like the Chic Wrap organizer. It’ll be nice to have something that I can have sitting right next to me that is sturdy and easy to use while filming. I will probably choose a pattern that doesn’t have a kitchen theme, however.

Note – If your organizer has a rod to put in the roll you’ll need to check if your sublimation protective paper has a cardboard roll inside it. I ran into some options where the rod was too big to fit inside the roll.

Final Thoughts on Sublimation Protective Paper Roll Storage

I hope I’ve given you some ideas for organizing your sublimation protective paper rolls. There is no right or wrong way to store your paper other than to keep it from getting crumbled up.

What works for my craft room may not work in your space. That’s why I love to give a lot of options.

I’m really glad that Artesprix has come out with a much longer roll of my favorite protective paper and I’m happy I was able to find a variety of solutions that will work with it.

Whether you choose to recycle a tin foil box or purchase something new, find what works for your space and get crafting.

I hope I’ve answered any questions you have about sublimation protective paper roll storage. If you have any other questions, leave them in the comments and I’ll get those answered for you!

store paper rolls in a craft room

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