Selling Crafts on Sawgrass MarketMate (No Printer Required)


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sawgrass marketmate

Have you been looking for a way to sell your sublimation crafts and designs? Selling crafts on Sawgrass MarketMate is easier than you may think. MarketMate is a brand new program that Sawgrass has released to help designers and crafters sell the products they create.

To learn more about Sawgrass sublimation printers and why I’m a fan, check out my full review today.

sawgrass marketmate

What is Sawgrass MarketMate?

Sawgrass MarketMate is a new program that allows you to sell sublimation items. My favorite part is if you’re a designer, even if you don’t have a sublimation printer to sell your designs on tumblers, shirts, bags, and so much more.

If you love creating physical projects but designing them isn’t your strong suit, you can fulfill orders at home that others have designed. You can actually watch me walk you through the entire process by clicking play on the video below.

Do I Need a Sawgrass Printer to Use MarketMate?

You do not need to own a Sawgrass printer, or any sublimation printer at all to use MarketMate. Keep reading to learn how to use MarketMate to create products that can be produced and shipped by others!

How Do I Sign Up for Sawgrass MarketMate?

To create a Sawgrass MarketMate account go to Click Join in the upper right-hand corner and then follow the steps to create an account.

Click Join in the upper corner to create a DesignMate account.

I do want to note that to use some of the premium designs, if you’re going to print them yourself, you will need to have a subscription to the Sawgrass software.

Use code MAKEWITHANGIE30 for a discount on your first month of the premium subscription.

For the designs I’m creating today, I’m using my 3D florals collection. I helped design this collection and I love it! You can find it right in Sawgrass DesignMate by searching my name Angie Holden.

How to Sell Items on Sawgrass MarketMate

To sell crafts on Sawgrass MarketMate, you will need to first design something within DesignMate. If you haven’t used DesignMate, my tutorial will show you all you need to know about this other new Sawgrass software.

If you’re designing a product to sell that you want others to produce, you’ll want to choose a template from the pre-programmed templates in DesignMate. This will ensure whoever ends up making the items knows exactly what the design is intended to be put on.

How to List Your Design in MarketMate

On the screen where you would normally print your design, there is another option to post your item for sale.

Here you will fill out all of the required fields. Add a name and a description. I recommend describing your item in detail and adding any hashtags you want to use.

You want people to be able to find the items you’re selling and the more detail you provide the better.

How Do I Set the Price?

Sawgrass MarketMate actually sets the price for you. There is a minimum price within the software so that everyone is on a level playing field. You can set your price higher if you’d like but you can’t drop below the minimum price.

How to set the price for items in Sawgrass MarketMate

You can see that when you set the price it breaks it down into the total sales price, the seller share, and the producer share.

In this example, if you are making the physical product but didn’t create the design you would receive $19.50. If you are the designer but not making the physical product, you’d receive $6.79.

If you’re both the designer and the producer, you’d add those amounts together and that is what you would receive when you sell your item.

How Much Does it Cost to Sell Crafts on Sawgrass MarketMate?

It doesn’t cost anything to list an item for sale on MarketMate. You’ll see however that there is a difference between the total sales price and the seller+producer share. This difference is the share Sawgrass takes for hosting the items on MarketMate.

How to Add Photos to Your Listing

When you first make your item, you’ll see an image that is like a mock-up. It’s really easy to create different mock-ups right in MarketMate.

Click Create a Look below the image of your product and it’ll open up different photo options for you. You can make as many of them as you’d like, add them to your listing, and choose which one you want as your featured image.

Can People Customize My Designs?

One of the great things about this program is that you have the ability to let buyers customize the items they’re buying. For instance, if your item has a monogram you can allow customers the ability to change the letters in the monogram.

Click Is Customizable in MarketMate.

When you’re creating your listing click the Is Customizable button to allow customers to customize the item.

It’s totally up to you how much customization you want to allow. You’ll click through the different elements and either lock them or leave them unlocked. A locked element cannot be customized, an unlocked element can be.

When you have all of those items set, you can click Post for Sale and your item will be added to your shop.

Sawgrass MarketMate Storefront

Once you post an item for sale, you have a storefront. Click here to see my storefront. You can see I have items for sale in my storefront that use my 3D floral designs.

If a customer was shopping my storefront, they can click View Details and see the details of the item they selected and any customizable elements.

Once you get into selling, the dashboard is where you will see inbound orders, orders that need to be fulfilled, etc.

How to Adjust Settings in MarketMate

Under the settings tab is where you will tell MarketMate if you’re going to fulfill your own products. I am not going to produce my own products so I am turning off Self Fulfillment.

If you’re available for production, meaning other sellers can send orders to you and you would make them, you would click Open for Production.

Then, under Product Capabilities, you can add all the products that you are capable of making. The Product Catalog contains all of the blanks that are currently available within DesignMate.

Can I Use Sawgrass MarketMate Outside the US?

Currently, MarketMate is only available in the United States. This is a brand new program so hopefully, they’ll be able to offer it to more places soon.

Payouts from MarketMate are made via PayPal so make sure you go in and set that payment comes right to you.

Should I Sell Crafts on Sawgrass MarketMate?

Should you sell crafts on Sawgrass MarketMate? I totally think it’s worth it. You don’t have to pay anything to list your items and you don’t even have to actually make a product.

The ability to create my own designs and sell them without having to make a final product was a game changer for me.

Personally, I really enjoy the design portion of crafting. I do not like making the same thing multiple times. With this platform, I can design a project, and then someone else can do the making and shipping.

You can also add items to your storefront and not actually list them for sale. At any time you can add or remove items from your shop or you can save a design and not click the Post for Sale button.

I love that I can work on a project, save it, and then continue to work on it before listing it for sale.

Make sure you join the MyMates community. There you can communicate with other sublimation crafters to get inspiration and ideas. You can find me in MyMates here.

I hope this has helped you understand selling crafts on Sawgrass MarketMate and that you’re ready to create your own storefront. If you have any additional questions, leave them in the comments and I’ll be happy to answer those for you.

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