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In this video, This Old House general contractor Tom Silva helps a homeowner by hand-carving a new rope baluster for their ornate Queen Anne home’s staircase.

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Ornate staircases—particularly those in older homes—can be difficult to repair. Their ornate and custom touches are difficult to replicate, and it often takes a true craftsperson to replicate balusters and moldings. General contractor Tom Silva is just the person for the job, helping one Queen Anne homeowner replace a baluster with a hand-carved replica.

Where to find it?

Tom helps a homeowner missing original spiral detailed spindles from their staircase by hand-turning
replicas on a lathe [].

Then he traces the profile of the original baluster onto a manilla folder [] with a scribing compass []. Tom then cuts out the profile of the baluster with scissors [].

Tom measures and marks [] the center portion of the baluster in equal increments.

He uses the parting tool [] for low points of the spindle details.

Then, Tom uses the spindle gouge [] to carve into tighter areas.

He uses the skew chisel [] to carve into the larger areas of the spindle and to round out the edges.

Tom uses a hand saw [] to cut slots in the spindle following the traced out lines from the string [].

He uses a rasp [] to file down the edges of the saw cuts until each section has a rounded edge.

Tom then applies a wax-free gel shellac [] to the spindles to match the existing ones.

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Wood blank []
Manila paper []
Landscaping string []
Sandpaper []
Wax-free shellac []
Gel stain []
Dowel []

Scribes []
Scissors []
Tape measure []
Lathe []
Assortment of turning chisels []
Calipers []
Backsaw []
Rasp []
Coping saw []

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How to Replicate Antique Staircase Balusters | Ask This Old House

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