I Built a Giant Ecosphere Bowl

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This week, I’m building a huge Ecosphere bowl with no filter, no CO2 and almost no water changes!

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Meet The Crew!
🐢 Harry
🦐 Ralph
🦎 Lucy & Lemon
🐠 Nemo & Marlin
🐡 Puff & Peewee

Ecosystem fish tanks are awesome. They can be truly self sustaining without a filter, CO2 and water changes. This is an ecosphere, a self sustaining ecosystem in a literal glass bowl. The bowl is 12 gallons and is one of the largest I have ever made! I added fire cherry shrimp, they have a super deep red coloration and are a great beginner shrimp.

No filter aquariums are an easy fish tank setup for a beginner. They need almost no maintenance other than trimming the plants and feeding. Shrimp need a little additional food in addition to the plant matter and algae that grows in the tank. Avoid overfeeding as without a filter ammonia and nitrites can build up quickly!

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