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As you learn how to build a birdhouse, you can work alone or with kids. Birdhouse design is a fun weekend project for the whole family. While you make your birdhouse plans, you may be inspired by cute ideas for birdhouses built to resemble a gingerbread cottage or a log cabin. This step-by-step guide teaches you how to build a DIY birdhouse using basic woodworking skills:

The birds in your yard are looking for a safe place to nest, so a simple birdhouse design will meet their needs.

0:00 How to Build a Birdhouse
0:25 Step 1: Cut Your Wood
1:20 Step 2: Trim Front and Back Panels
2:17 Step 3: Drill Entrance
2:40 Step 4: Assemble Birdhouse
3:09 Step 5: Attach Roof
3:38 Step 6: Attach Perch
4:04 Step 7: Sand and Paint

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How to Build a Birdhouse | The Home Depot

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