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    Modern tire technology blends a unique mix of chemistry, physics and engineering to give consumers a high degree of comfort, performance, efficiency, reliability and safety. Many tires are custom-designed to meet the stresses and performance needs specified by the maker of a particular model vehicle. Every tire is carefully inspected, and random samples are pulled for additional safety tests....
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    Outer Space Creatures Created Our Universe,

    Scientists suggests the universe may have been created in a laboratory. Our supposed creators, Loeb writes in an op-ed published in Scientific American last year, may have developed the technology needed to construct “baby universes” capable of producing life. Scientists also introduces a new classification system for advanced civilizations. Could our universe have been created in a petri dish?...
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    The Trigger That Makes an Octopus Mom Self-Destruct

    Researchers are gaining a better understanding of the biochemical processes that precede female octopuses’ deaths after they lay and then tend their eggs. Most octopus species live for one year. But the deaths of octopus mothers after they reproduce have long been a scientific spectacle. Why exactly octopus mothers engage in a form of self-harm that leads to death just after they reproduce...
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    أول فتاة سعودية تشارك في مسابقة ملكة جمال إيطاليا وتصل للنهائيات

    ضجت وسائل الإعلام بأنباء تفيد بوصول فتاة سعودية الأصل تدعى رهف إلى المرحلة النهائية من مسابقة ملكة جمال إيطاليا، لتكون بذلك أول فتاة سعودية تشارك في المسابقة وتصل إلى هذه المرحلة. جذبت رهف لجنة التحكيم بجمالها الطبيعي ورشاقتها فتمتلك الفتاة سعودية الأصل قوام طويل ممشوق فضلاً عن عفويتها وجاذبيتها الواضحة التي ورثتها من أصولها العربية.   تنافست رهف الفتاة التي شاركت في مسابقة  ملكة جمال إيطاليا...
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