Ben Affleck And JLo Are Selling Their Mansion For More Than They Paid For It. Why It’s Going To Be A Huge Financial Loss Anyway

Celebrity couples have always fascinated the public. Just look at Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce or the divorced Johnny Depp and Amber Heard. A-listers Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez know this all too well, as they made countless headlines both times they’ve been in a relationship. Recently there are rumors they’re splitting up after Lopez and Affleck have been living separately. Ben and JLo are selling their mansion for more than they paid for it. Why it’s going to be a huge financial loss anyway.

The public watched for months as Bennifer found out their forever home (with tons of bathrooms). Unfortunately TMZ is reporting that they’re already seeking to sell it. While they bought the mansion for $60 million and are reportedly seeking $65 million from a buyer, they’re not making a profit with that extra 5 mill.

So why are they going to take a L money-wise? To start, they have to pay realtor’s feed, which definitely subtracts from that $5 million profit for Lopez and Affleck. Reportedly that fee will end up being around $2.5 million. Additionally, California has a mansion tax that TMZ reports comes to $3.5 million. As such, Bennifer will seemingly be taking a hit for selling their new home, despite making more than they paid for it… especially when you add in the cost of whatever improvements the couple made on the home. 

From left to right: Ben Affleck on Jimmy Kimmel Live! and Jennifer Lopez in a BTS video for Netflix's Atlas.

(Image credit: ABC and Netflix)

The California Mansion Tax indicates that if one’s property sale exceeds $5 million, they’ll be subject to a 4% tax. And if it surpasses $10 million, the tax rate increases to 5.5%. This is used to generate funds for the state itself, which famously houses a ton of celebrities who live in mansions. Unfortunately for JLo and Ben Affleck, they barely lived in their new shared dwellings before trouble reportedly began in paradise. 

TMZ’s inside knowledge of what’s happening behind closed doors definitely seems to give credit to the rumors that Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck might be splitting up. JLo recently cancelled her world tour, which definitely turned heads to fans who thought this was an indication of trouble at home. While there were also rumors that JLo was using these rumors to distract from career woes, other publications like TMZ are steadfast in their belief that the two A-listers are going to divorce shortly. 

Reports about Bennifer possibly splitting up surprised some fans, especially as Affleck did a cameo in her visual album This Is Me… Now: A Love Story. On the flip side, the public has been dissecting the couple’s every move, including when Affleck looked miserable at the Grammys. We’ll just have to see what comes next for the pair, and if any split announcement is actually made.

Both JLo and Affleck have a ton of exciting projects coming down the line, regardless of their personal lives. For now, check the 2025 movie release dates to plan your trips to the theater next year. 

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