Ain’t No Party Like A LeBron James Seeing Your Movie Party. See NBA Star And Jamie Foxx’s Takes On Bad Boys: Ride Or Die

Sony has a summer hit on its hands with Bad Boys: Ride Or Die. The action comedy that reunites Will Smith and Martin Lawrence’s Miami cops just had a great opening weekend at the box office, and now celebrities like LeBron James and Jamie Foxx are going out of their way to show support for one of the latest of the 2024 movies!

While Ride Or Die left critics split, the fourth Bad Boys movie has been tracking really well with moviegoers, with audiences rating it an A- on Cinemascore, for example. As it turns out, NBA legend LeBron James is one of the vocal fans of the movie too. As he wrote on X (formerly known as Twitter):

Movie is SOOO DAMN GOOD!! The cinematography is INSANE! Will and Marty Mar connection is undefeated! Action packed, funny as hell and simply just a great watch!

James made the comment on his social media in the light of the news that Ride Or Die made an impressive $104.6 million worldwide over the weekend, making it one of the most successful movies of the year already! Smith reposted the praise on his Instagram, adding the “🙏🏾” in reaction. Additionally, Jamie Foxx took some time to share a good word about the Bad Boys sequel on his own Instagram post while also sharing the successful numbers. Here’s what he wrote:

Biggups!! @willsmith 100 millie first week out the gate number one movie! #bigwilly and the movie is🔥🔥🔥🔥 and the fans once again, showed up and showed out.

Smith and Foxx are friends in real life! Previously, Foxx supported his buddy when Smith released Emancipation by going to an early screening and hyping up the film as well. In the comment section, Smith penned this in response:

Thanx, Foxx. I’m EXHAUSTED! Now I’ve got some time off, we can use those pickle ball paddles you gave me.

Will Smith has been doing the most as of late to get the word out for the newest Bad Boys movie, between going viral for surprising fans at a screening, to traveling all over the world to promote it as well. Martin Lawrence also reacted to Foxx’s kind words by saying this:

That’s how we do!!

The Bad Boys movie looks like it will do pretty well for itself this weekend too amidst Pixar set to have the “biggest opening of the year” with Inside Out 2’s release, per Variety. The projections report the movie will still pull $28 million this weekend despite Inside Out 2 tracking at around $80 to $90 million.

For those hoping to see more Will Smith and perhaps even a fifth Bad Boys movie, the success of Ride Or Die is a great sign. Following the actor’s controversial Oscars slap back in 2022, it wasn’t clear if audiences would show up for the actor, but the masses are proving to say they are ready and happy to see Smith back in action again! He has too many real “ride or dies” to have a Bad Boys sequel go up and flop!

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