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Seth Meyers Tells Stephen Colbert Which Late Night Host Is Huge With British Fans. Hint: It’s Not John Oliver

A birthday dinner for Stephen Colbert turned into a humbling experience for John Oliver.

While guesting Wednesday on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, Seth Meyers recalled an outing the two had with Oliver, Jimmy Kimmel and Jimmy Fallon to celebrate Colbert’s 60th birthday.

Before the festivities began, Meyers, Kimmel and Oliver were waiting for the party to begin when they were approached by a British couple who was so excited to meet a certain late night host.

But they weren’t interested in snapping a shot with their fellow countryman Oliver, who hosts Last Week Tonight for HBO.

They wanted face time with ABC’s Kimmel, instead.

“They asked Oliver if Oliver would take a picture of them with Kimmel,” Meyers explained. “By the way, Oliver loves stuff like this. So happy. And then Fallon came in and they were like, “It’s Jimmy Fallon.’ And they took a picture. At no point did Oliver or, I should note, me register with them at all.”

Watch below:

Meyers’ visit to The Late Show had online fans longing for the days of Strike Force Five, the limited series podcast that was hosted by the late night stars last year. The podcast was launched to support their employees who were out of work due to the dual strikes.

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