Jason Momoa And Chris Hemsworth Are Beefing On TikTok Over Their Muscles, And I’m Loving Their Back And Forth

Since the earliest days of the success of superhero comics, there has been something of a battle between Marvel and DC. While that battle doesn’t really exist today, most people are fans of both to one degree or another, that doesn’t mean that there can’t be a little playful banter between the two sides, and Aquaman and Thor and apparently going after each other when it comes to showing off who the strongest truly is.

A TikTok from Jason Momoa recently went viral that shows the actor in the black suit that we see him in as part of some of the promotional images for Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom where he calls out Chris Hemsworth showing off his muscles, and, apparently showing off how good the suit makes him look without having to work out.

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It’s sort of weird to see Jason Momoa singing the praises of not needing to work out. Momoa clearly does work out. I’m not sure even a padded suit would be enough to make just any physique look like a superhero with zero work. Still, it’s probably pretty cool to look in the mirror and see that you look like a total badass. 

Chris Hemsworth did not let the slight go by. He posted his own video, of himself working out, where he compliments how good Momoa’s “padded suit” looks, and shows how good he actually looks by not wearing any sleeves whatever. In the last moment, Hemsworth apparently wants to make it clear that there’s no actual beef between the two, as he tells Aquman “I love you” just to make sure we all realize this is all in good fun.

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The “I love you, Aquman” is what really makes this art. It’s so much fun to see these guys, who clearly do love each other, having some fun. And let’s not forget that Jason Momoa is also legitimately built like a brick wall, even if the suit that he’s wearing does help amplify the muscles. The fact is that while every actor playing a superhero does work out to get in shape, nearly every suit they wear is also padded. The one possible modern exception is Dwayne Johnson’s Black Adam look because The Rock is just not human.

Of course, Chris Hemsworth’s Thor doesn’t usually wear sleeves, so he has to look pretty impressive in real life to pull off the idea that he is a literal god. It’s not something I had really thought about before now. But even if Hemsworth wanted to go the padded suit route, he doesn’t really have that option. 

We’ll have to wait and see if Jason Momoa drops a new response to keep this “feud” going. Honestly an ongoing social media battle between Chris Hemsworth and Jason Momoa would probably have legs and be just as entertaining as the Ryan Reynolds vs. Hugh Jackman feud we all love.  Especially if every video ends with them saying how much they love each other. 

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