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‘SNL’ Sketch Sees “Old School” David Beckham Poster Teach Teenage Marcello Hernandez Physics

When a teenage Marcello Hernandez set out to prepare for a physics test in a sketch from tonight’s episode of Saturday Night Live, among those coming to his aid was an old school poster of David Beckham (Mikey Day) come to life.

“This physics homework is impossible. Why do I even have to learn it?” Hernandez’s character asks himself at the start of the sketch. “Nobody even uses it in real life. Real life, real life…

As the character fell asleep at his desk, the talking Beckham poster interjects, “Think again, bruv. Lots of people use physics.”

“Yo, what? My old school poster of David Beckham is talking to me? Hernandez asks. “Is this a dream?”

“Yep,” says the subject of Netflix’s recent hit docuseries, Beckham.

“Oh, okay,” responds Hernandez. “Because I was going to say, you don’t look as beautiful as you normally do.”

Insulted, poster Beckham takes umbrage with Hernandez’s suggestion, before taking the conversation back to physics. “I use it all the time on the pitch. How did you think I bend the ball?” Beckham asks. “That’s physics.”

Subsequently coming to life in Hernandez’s dream is a poster of fictional UFC fighter Troy “The Tooth Taker” McCoy (Kenan Thompson), who adds that he uses physics in the octagon. “What do you think makes my punches and kicks so deadly my opponents dookie in their drawers?” McCoy asks Hernandez. “Physics, sucka!”

Next to jump off the wall and into the conversation is Chrissy Knox (Emma Stone), who in the sketch, is “an Instagram model” and host of “an unpopular podcast,” per Hernandez.

“You use physics?” Hernandez asks incredulously, of the ditsy woman posing over the hood of a vehicle with a wrench. “Yeah!” she exclaims. “How else could I be bending over this junkie, broken, stupid car in my dirty, stinky, ripped jeans? That’s physics!”

“Physics are everywhere, even in the video game Time Assassin,” says a character played by Ego Nwodim. “What do you think allows me to jump from rooftop to rooftop in pursuit of the eternity cube?”

The sketch ends with Nwodim’s character shoving Knox’s head under the hood of the truck, to get Hernandez to focus more on his studying and less on the OnlyFans account Knox is discussing. But it’s to no avail, in the end, as we see that Hernandez gets an F- on his test.

Stone was joined in her fifth go-round as host of SNL by musical guest Noah Kahan. We’ll update with video of the physics sketch when it comes in.

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