Bam Margera Has Reportedly Hit A Sobriety Milestone, And Mark Wahlberg Is Giving Him Props

Few people have had quite the roller coaster life in the last few years as Bam Margera. The former Jackass star has been battling addiction, with quite mixed results for years. But the skateboarder may finally be on the right path as he has hit a milestone, having been sober for over 100 days. And he’s congratulations from the likes of Mark Wahlberg.

The connection between the two comes from one of the factors that Margera is crediting with his sobriety being successful, the gym. Specifically, according to TMZ, Margera has been working out at a gym owned by Jarred Taylor, a U.S. Air Force vet who worked with Wahlberg on the film Lone Survivor. Following Margera hitting 100 days sober, and approaching 120 days, he reached out to Wahlberg, and the actor responded to him with a video, saying in part…

Wow, 120 days. Hope you and your family are well. And I look forward to connecting with you soon, always been such a big fan. I look forward to seeing you, brother. I’m in Vegas, so when you get out this way, let’s get together.

120 days sober is quite an accomplishment for Bam, especially considering how difficult it has been for him up to this point. Margera had been in court-ordered rehab in Florida but it had not agreed with him. Bam left the facility on multiple occasions and had to be returned by police more than once.

Margera’s sobriety became a professional issue when his addiction led to him being dropped from the most recent Jackass movie. He ended up suing the producers of Jackass Forever over the contract he was forced to sign, which required him to remain sober in order to appear. The unit was eventually settled out of court.

Things got so bad that Margera’s ex-wife cut off all contact with their son, following a viral video where he screamed at her over being able to see the boy. Now Margera has reportedly been given the chance to see his son, so he’ll be traveling from Texas to Los Angeles soon and plans to stop off in Las Vegas to take Mark Wahlberg up on his offer to connect. Wahlberg is one of many Hollywood stars who left L.A. for other cities, and now calls Sin City home.

Bam Margera is working while in Texas, involved in a film project as well as doing art. He’s also started skateboarding again, which was the talent that originally made his name. He credits all this, as well as a new girlfriend, for keeping him sober this long. Fans and friends certainly hope that he’s found the path that will keep him away from drinking. He’s certainly made the right start, but it will now require a lifetime of vigilance.

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