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‘SNL’: Netflix Unveils New True Crime Docuseries ‘I Was A Bridesmaid’

Saturday Night Live viewers tonight got a first look at I Was a Bridesmaid, the newest true crime docuseries bound for Netflix.

The show “from the people that brought you Keep Sweet, Wild Wild Country and the NXIVM documentary” is billed in SNL‘s trailer as “a harrowing new cult story.” The trailer begins with commentary from former bridesmaids Sarah (Heidi Gardner), Brittany (Ego Nwodim) and Naomi (Quinta Brunson), who open up about traumatic experiences associated with the wedding of a character played by Chloe Fineman.

“It all started with a box on my doorstep…” says Sarah.

“…And a note with a question,” recalls Brittany.

“I just got this feeling that it wasn’t the kind of question you could say no to,” adds Naomi.

The question, of course, as others including Riley (Sarah Sherman) and Vanessa (Punkie Johnson) also recall, was: “Will you be my bridesmaid?”

Documentary expert Dr. Greg Lawrence (James Austen Johnson) of the Department of Cult Studies at UCLA then appears to note that “each year, more than six million women fall into this kind of cult. They prey on vulnerable groups like college roommates and sisters-in-law.”

“They sell you on the ‘big day.’ I thought it was a one-day commitment,” admits Sarah. “But for 18 months, I was fully sucked in.”

Brittany recalls being sucked into not only an email chain, but also a group text, DMs and “a whole-ass conversation in the comments on Venmo,” with Naomi going on to note that she was sent “a 200-question poll about customized shirts,” only for the group to wind up deciding to have them bear the name ‘Bride Tribe.’

“These cults also target another vulnerable group,” Dr. Lawrence then reveals, “outgoing gay men.”

“I’ve been a bridesman at nine weddings this year,” confides another documentary subject, Josh (Bowen Yang). “Whenever a girl starts calling me ‘sis,’ I know I’m in trouble.”

Abbott Elementary Emmy winner Brunson hosts tonight’s edition of SNL, with Lil Yachty as musical guest. For the full I Was a Bridesmaid trailer, check back later.

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