Blumhouse Combined M3GAN With The Prince Harry Documentary, And I Can’t Look Away

We’re still very much in the M3GAN moment, thanks to the first big hit of the 2023 new movie releases continuing to set the internet ablaze. There’s no telling where you’ll see Blumhouse’s killer doll next, as she’s likely to pop up where you least expect her. Leaning into this fun game of hide and seek, the production company has now shared a meme which puts M3GAN into the most unlikely place: the Prince Harry documentary, Harry & Meghan.

Adding to the already massive library of M3GAN memes and appearances, Jason Blum himself shared an image to Twitter that photoshopped the Model 3 Generative Android with the former prince. The results are rather impressive, but don’t take my word for it. Here’s the photo at the heart of this story, which I can’t seem to look away from:

Massive credit has to go to whomever put this together, especially at this moment where the popularity of the picture has allowed the 2025 sequel M3GAN 2.0 to be greenlit. Equally prolific is Harry & Meghan, which saw Prince Harry making huge accusations against his family. While it’s not always likely for the serious and the silly to crossover in such an effective form, this joke somehow makes it work.

It’s even funnier if you consider the alternate titles to Harry’s memoir Spare, which is a treasure trove of potential subtitles. Picture it: Harry & M3GAN: What’s Left Over, Harry & M3GAN: Spare No One, or even Harry & M3GAN: In the Shadow all sound like properly ominous parodies where our favorite digital demon creates a shortcut through the line of royal succession. 

The life of a meme can be either brief or lasting, and the jury’s still out on this latest M3GAN gag. For the moment though, it’s something that’s fun to play around with in one’s head, if only to keep our minds busy until we actually learn what the story to M3GAN 2.0 is about. Though if you’re Prince Harry or Meghan Markle, you’re probably going to be side-eying any new toys coming into the family for some time to come.

If you haven’t had the pleasure of meeting M3GAN, you’re in luck. Not only is Blumhouse’s latest horror hit still dancing up a storm in theaters, you can now enjoy the film as a PVOD rental. Patient viewers will have to wait a bit longer for the movie’s streaming premiere, but that eventual event will more than likely be good news for those of you with a Peacock subscription.

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