Robert Pattinson Wore A Big Suit To The Batman Premiere, And A Bunch Of NBA Fans All Had The Same Funny Take

The Batman will finally be making its long-awaited release this coming week, and the excitement amongst fans seems to be increasing. All the while, Robert Pattinson, Zoë Kravitz and the rest of the cast and crew have been hitting the red carpet for the accompanying premieres. Pattinson is usually one to draw attention during these events and, during a recent premiere, he caught eyeballs after wearing a big suit. While many fashion aficionados have wei, it was NBA fans’ reactions that really took the cake, as they all had the same funny take. 

Robert Pattinson sported the oversized suit while walking the carpet with Zoë Kravitz at The Batman’s London premiere. To be precise, the outfit is an oversized Jil Sander tweed jacket (which looks way more comfortable than Batman’s cowl). You can see the footage of him strolling down the carpet with his co-star in the video down below: 

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Now, some of you may be wondering, “What does the Bruce Wayne actor’s attire have to do with the NBA.?” Well, once upon a time (in the early 2000s), many league prospects sported chunky-looking attire during the drafts. I can still remember watching as a kid and checking out some of the baggy styles that were in at the time. Clearly, I’m far from the only fan who remembers. Check out this one Twitter reaction:

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You may laugh, but Carmelo Anthony was actually sporting a big suit himself when he was selected by the Denver Nuggets back in 2003. That particular draft was a massive year for talent, and shrewd fashion choices. In a separate post, another fan reacted to Robert Pattinson’s threads with a message that specifically mentioned that draft:

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Of course, these two weren’t the only ones who had great responses to the (nearly-fired) Twilight alum’s duds. What I found to be particularly funny is the fact that fans not only thought of the NBA when seeing the jacket but that they also pinpointed the exact time period in which said clothes were incredibly popular. You can’t front it for being popular back in the day, but even I have to admit that such a style is a little jarring to see these days. Still, I love getting nostalgic about the sports-adjacent styles of the past.

It seems the stars aligned just perfectly for an explosion of sharp fashions to take hold at the 2003 NBA Draft. LeBron James, who was selected with the first pick that night, memorably wore an all-white suit, which could give Battinson a run for his money. Meanwhile, Chris Bosh went for a tan ensemble, which was even referenced in one of the recent reactions. And while his future teammate, Dwayne Wade, opted for something slightly less baggy, his clothes still fit the style of the time. 

If Robert Pattinson wants to bring it back, then I’m not mad at him. I mean, hey, the look is a bit unconventional now, but at least it won’t leave people “scared” like his superhero costume did. Plus, let’s be honest, when it comes to fashion, nostalgia is in, and I wouldn’t be surprised if some contemporary NBA prospects take a page out of the actor’s book at this year’s draft.

NBA fans should take a quick break from the ongoing season, and check out The Batman on March 4, as it’s one of the biggest new movie releases of 2022. When it finishes its theatrical run, you can also stream it with an HBO subscription.

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