How to Make Tea Sandwiches. Sandwich recipes with guacamole, beetroot hummus and shrimp paste

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What kind of sandwiches are served with afternoon tea?
A delicious range of traditional English tea sandwiches that will make your heart sing. LOL, at least you’ll really enjoy your afternoon tea! I have included my four favorite recipes in this post.
Yes, sandwiches have MANY different fillings. What distinguishes them from ordinary sandwiches is their small size and delicate nature of the filling. Most fillings are chopped into small pieces, so you can eat tender bites without worrying about a giant piece of tomato or chicken slipping out.
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Tradycyjne angielskie kanapki z herbatΔ….

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00:00 Intro
00:13 Layered sandwich with cheddar and lettuce
01:51 Sandwich with guacamole and cucumber
02:49 Sandwich with beetroot hummus
03:17 Shrimp paste sandwich with vegetables and egg

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