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FRUIT SALAD | the best recipe (and so easy!)

You can’t beat this easy fruit salad recipe! This summertime classic is a simple combination of juicy seasonal fruit drizzled with a bright honey lime dressing. It’s deliciously sweet, refreshing on hot days, and a must-have for picnics, potlocks, and beach days!

The best fruit salads are always homemade fruit salads. Sure, you can buy a fruit salad pre-made at the supermarket already chopped and ready-to-go. But I promise you this – if you take just a few minutes to make this recipe at home you’ll be rewarded with a fruit salad tastier than anything you’ve ever bought. The flavor is so much brighter, fresher, juicier, and all around more delicious!

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Ceramic Serving Bowl:

Counter Stools:
Vitamix Blender:
Tea Kettle:
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Flour Jars:
Salt Cellar:
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00:00 Intro
00:59 Slice grapes
02:28 Slice pineapple
04:21 Slice mangoes
05:17 Slice kiwis
05:47 Slice strawberries
06:03 Peel and segment mandarin oranges
06:27 Add blueberries
06:39 Make the honey lime dressing and stir
07:54 Taste test

Linen Apron:

The music I use: – Great music for YouTubers!

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