Far from the bright lights of New York, Joey Chestnut still managed to make hot dogs tremble, and perhaps set up an intriguing showdown next year with a new rival.

Barred from the Nathan’s annual competition because of his endorsement deal with a vegan hot dog brand, Chestnut instead appeared at a Fort Bliss, Texas event. He downed 57 hot dogs and buns in five minutes, demolishing four competitors who managed a combined total of 49 hot dogs and buns.

In New York, Pat Bertoletti, the new Nathan’s champion, finished his day with a total of 58 hot dogs and buns.

What happens next year? Major League Eating has since walked back its Chestnut ban, potentially setting up a battle of the ages at 2025’s Nathan’s competition.

Chestnut holds the overall record there of 76 hot dogs and buns consumed.

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