Electronic Arts has recently introduced a fresh Squad Building Challenge (SBC) to the FC 24 Ultimate Team roster, as part of the ongoing Path to Glory event. This event spotlights exceptional players vying for glory on the international stage with potential card upgrades.

The spotlight shines on Darwin Machis, a winger for Cadiz and a key player for the Venezuelan national team. Machis' new Path to Glory card has been generating buzz, particularly for gamers seeking a budget-friendly yet impactful substitute to bolster their squad.

Gamers now have the opportunity to tackle this SBC and acquire Machis' Path to Glory card, which celebrates his campaign with Venezuela in the upcoming Copa America. The prestigious tournament pits top teams from across North and South America against each other, with Venezuela aiming for an underdog victory to claim the coveted title.

Card Details and Upgrades

EA Sports has released a sensational 93-rated Path to Glory card for Machis, boasting impressive attributes such as a swift 98 pace, a powerful 90 shooting score, an accurate 88 passing ability, a nimble 97 dribbling, and a solid 83 in physicality.

The excitement surrounding Machis is further amplified by the potential for his abilities to be enhanced with every advancement Venezuela makes in the Copa America tournament.

With three special PlayStyles+ at his disposal, including Power Shot+, Whipped Pass+, and Rapid+, the Cadiz player is set to be an exhilarating addition to any Ultimate Team lineup as a winger.

SBC Requirements

To successfully complete the Path to Glory Machis Squad Building Challenge, you'll need to meet the following criteria for your squad:

  • Include at least one player from LA LIGA EA SPORTS in your starting lineup.
  • Ensure that your team features a minimum of one player from either the Team of the Season (TOTS) or Team of the Week (TOTW).
  • The overall rating of your squad should be at least 85.
  • Your squad must consist of 11 players.

Squad Building and Costs

Squad Composition:

Upon successful submission of the required squad, players can unlock the Path to Glory Darwin Machis card. This addition of the Cadiz winger to your FIFA Ultimate Team can be achieved at an approximate expense of 46,000 coins.


Are you planning to tackle this Squad Building Challenge? Share your thoughts and intentions in the comment section below!

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