They say blood is thicker than water. For millions of people, a family tattoo is a perfect way to show the world that the bonds between kin run deep. If you’re looking for family tattoo ideas for men, there are countless creative and meaningful options to consider.

The beautiful thing about family tattoos is that just about anything can be used to commemorate these strong relationships. A funny quote that has turned into an inside joke between siblings? The name of a beloved grandparent? Matching tribal ink? All make for great family tattoo ideas for men.

The placement of these ideas is as versatile as the designs themselves. Sure, the left side of the chest is a great placement, but so are the bicep, wrist, or even the hands.

The family tattoos in this collection demonstrate just how exciting and meaningful these tattoo designs dedicated to kin can be, offering plenty of inspiration for family tattoo ideas for men.

1. Family Tree Tattoo

People have been using trees to represent their ancestral connections for centuries, and for a good reason. Family tree tattoos provide plenty of opportunities for creative flourishes and allow the artist to create a more complex design by incorporating more family members. 

Family Tree Tattoo
@brandnewtattoo / Instagram

2. Family First Tattoo

It’s a simple saying, but the sentiment is powerful. Family first tattoos let the wearer show off their priorities in a straightforward way that leaves no room for misunderstanding—these designs, whether big and bold or subtle and elegant, cut to the chase. 

Family First Tattoo
@jeffhamm_tattooart / Instagram

3. Family Over Everything Tattoo

Another powerful phrase that is elegant in its simplicity, there is no mistaking the meaning behind family over everything tattoos. Besides the opportunity for the artist to flex their script skills, they also offer options for playful interpretations of the phrase. 

Family Is Everything
@ink_shastra / Instagram

4. Family Symbol Tattoo

Family symbol tattoos demonstrate the endless potential of these familial pieces. Sometimes, a symbol designed by a family member becomes a matching tattoo. Maybe it’s a religious symbol that ties the family together. Whatever the case, these tattoos serve as powerful reminders that family comes first.

Family Symbol Tattoo
@ziv_tattooer / Instagram

5. Good Family Tattoo

What makes a good family tattoo? While everyone wants their ink to be clean and well-executed, when it comes to good family tattoos, it’s the meaning behind the design that counts, so the best tattoos are those that go beyond just a cool-looking design and touch something more profound.

Good Family Tattoo
@vicious_tattoo_ignacio_diaz / Instagram

6. Family Crest Tattoo

Family crest tattoos are another popular choice for designs dedicated to our loved ones. The top section (crest) of a family’s coat of arms, these often elaborate bits of scrollwork and filigree can be applied as standalone pieces or in conjunction with the entire coat of arms and make for some complex and eye-catching commemorations to ancestry. 

Family Crest Tattoo
@muctattoos / Instagram

7. Infinity Family Tattoo 

The love between families goes on forever, so it makes sense that people use this simple but powerful design for their familial ink. Instantly recognizable, by incorporating a bit of script into matching pieces, these designs let you show the world who you are tied to for infinity. g

Infinity Family Tattoo
@adelai_tattoo / Instagram

8. Lion Family Tattoo

Unlike tigers and panthers, lions have large and complex family structures that are vital to the survival and success of these apex predators. Lion family tattoos are a perfect choice for anyone who understands how family can hold you up and help you achieve your fullest potential. 

Lion Family Tattoo
@pitu_morales / Instagram

9. Elephant Family Tattoo

Another animal that relies on the extended family unit for survival in the wild, elephants are beautiful animals that translate well onto the skin. This gives elephant family tattoos the potential not just to show off these important relationships but to do so with genuinely breathtaking designs.

Elephant Family Tattoo
@robo_bas / Instagram

10. Family Tradition Tattoo

Families are made up of those special people with whom we share our lives. But family is also about the extraordinary things that we do together and pass down from one generation to the next. Whether getting inked is the tradition or the design draws on special occasions, family tradition tattoos symbolize these crucial relationships.

Family Tradition Tattoo
@flashpointtattoocompany / Instagram

11. Family Forever Tattoo

Families are the people that stand by you. When the chips are down and the good times are gone, you find out who your real family is. Sometimes just a couple of words can sum up the dedication that separates your kin from casual friends. Family forever tattoos are a great example of this simple but powerful message.

Family Forever Tattoo
@luwid_13 / Instagram

12. Family Name Tattoo

For many people, their family’s name is a tangible link to the generations that have come before and those that will come after. So it makes sense that family name tattoos are one of the most popular choices when it comes to dedicating a bit of skin to loved ones. 

Family Name Tattoo
@gigi_ink_ / Instagram

13. Family in Japanese Tattoo

Japanese characters continue to be popular in tattoos thanks to their appearance and elegant shapes. Family in Japanese tattoos are a great and subtle way to memorialize their loved ones for folks who feel a special connection to the culture.

Family in Japanese Tattoo / Instagram

14. Celtic Symbol for Family Tattoo

There is no specific Celtic symbol for the family. However, there are several designs that represent some concepts that are tied to family relationships. The triquetra or Trinity Knot represents unity and eternal life, making it a popular choice for a Celtic symbol for the family.

Celtic Symbol Family Tattoo / Instagram

15. Simple Family Tattoo

Not every design has to be big and complex. Sometimes a simple tattoo design is much better suited to convey a powerful message than a complicated one. Simple family tattoos are a great way to symbolize these relationships without getting lost in complex designs.

Simple Family Tattoo
@paulatattooing / Instagram

16. Family and Three Hearts Tattoo

The heart is an unmistakable symbol of love, so it isn’t surprising that people incorporate them into their designs dedicated to familial love. For those with a small and tight-knit clan, family and 3 heart tattoos are a great way to show off those special people that you love most.

Family and Three Hearts Tattoo
@alpp_tekinnn / Instagram

17. Family Protector Tattoo

In life, it’s the safety and well-being of the family that matters most. Some folks use tribal designs in their family protector tattoos to demonstrate just how seriously they take their family’s safety.

Family Protector Tattoo
@twins_ink_tattoo_hennef / Instagram

18. Matching Family Tattoo

Sharing the experience of going to a tattoo shop and getting matching tattoos is a special occasion; in fact, in some families, it becomes a tradition in and of itself. Whatever the design, matching family tattoos is a great way to make these special bonds stronger.

Matching Family Tattoo / Instagram

19. Family Tattoo with Quotes

Whether it’s a line from a favorite film, a moving poem, or a classic song, sometimes a particular quote is the perfect way to convey the feelings between loved ones. Family tattoos with quotes also provide opportunities for clean script work that can be incorporated into larger designs.

Family Tattoo with Quotes
@dominikaszymczyktattoo / Instagram

20. Wolf Family Tattoo

Everyone’s got a wolfpack. The folks that stand by you no matter what and will do everything can when you need help. Wolf tattoos perfectly represent the ride-or-die bonds that make families so special.

Wolf Family Tattoo / Instagram

21. Bear Family Tattoo

Nothing encapsulates the bonds between family, quite like a momma bear and her cubs. For all those proud moms out there, bear family tattoos are a great way to show that nothing comes between her and her cubs.

Bear Family Tattoo
@valentin_inkwelltattoo / Instagram

22. Family Anchor Tattoo

Family keeps us grounded and helps us weather life’s storms. These family anchor tattoos are a great choice, mainly when applied with American traditional tattoos‘ classic look and bold lines.

Family Anchor Tattoo
@_megan_oliver_ / Instagram

Best Placement Options for Family Tattoos 

23. Family Tattoo Sleeve 

A single tattoo is enough to show off their familial duty for some folks. For others, a family tattoo sleeve is the only way to fully convey just how important these special people are in their life. 

Family Tattoo Sleeve
@lukaszbejtu / Instagram

24. Family Chest Tattoo

Whether it’s a bit of ink over the heart or a complex design covering both pecs, there’s mistaking the symbolic power of family chest tattoos.

Family Chest Tattoo
@sabotagenick13 / Instagram

25. Family Tattoo Forearm

A classic placement that continues to be popular, ink on the forearm can be shown off in public but is still discrete enough for life at the office. Family tattoo forearm designs are a great way to commemorate these powerful relationships.

Family Forearm Tattoo
@naiapopaps / Instagram

Family Tattoos FAQ:

What does a family tattoo mean?

Family tattoos come in all shapes and sizes, but they all represent the relationships with the people that make us who we are.

What is a good family tattoo?

When it comes to family tattoos, it is more about the meaning behind the ink than the design itself, so as long as a design is meaningful to the wearer, it is a good family tattoo.

What symbols represent family?

Trees are some of the most common symbols used to represent families, but animals, hearts, and a coat of arms can all be used to symbolize family relationships.

What to put on a family tattoo?

Family tattoos should incorporate meaningful designs, images, and scripts. For some families, this could be a quote from a poem, while for others, it could be matching wolf tattoos. As long as it holds meaning for the people wearing it, just about anything can be used in a family tattoo.

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